Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In the light of day

I'm doing a tad better this morning. At least I've learned to recognize when I'm having a bout of depression. It's a start. Today will be a struggle. Work is going to be less than pleasent especially since the other two managers there today are ones that I cannot stand. Patience is a virtue but as we all know I'm not exactly known for being virtuious. Well I must be off. At least I have SnB to look forward to tonight. This time we're trying out the dining room at Stew Leonard's. We all know how I feel about Stew so that's something good today.

Today's Mantra: If you kill them then you are just making more paperwork for yourself.


Heidi Bo Bitey said...

good mantra. Hope your day went well enough.

roxtarchic said...

whatabout if you just maime em?

MsFortuknit said...

Hey mama, be good to yourself... the insane weather hasnt helped at all!! Depression bites, but your right realization is key!!! Take care of you and I hope that your stitch n bitch helped out!