Monday, June 25, 2007


So just got back from love's company picnic. I usually avoid this since it's an odd thing being there...I used to work for the company and then I hit a glass ceiling during a campaign against me for fighting for safety issues. It seems its against company policy to NOT want to work in a carbon monoxide rich environment...but anywho. A new to the company employee is someone who went to college with the two of us. Someone who doesn't like me...or so I assume since she was talking smack about me to a rather good friend of mine. Actually the story is quite amusing considering she really put her foot in it on that occasion. So there she is...and there I am. She looked right at me and then ignored me. I grabbed my beer and kept on walking, sidled up to love and said what happened and plainly pointed out the fact that I still have the same figure I had in college and well...other people don't. Otherwise I totally behaved myself. Hey at least I didn't call her on the carpet for calling me a bitch in front of a bunch of my friends.


robyne said...

HAHAHAHHAHA!!! I'm glad you only "mostly" behaved yourself because that whole thing made me crack up laughing!

roxtarchic said...

i'm grinning from ear to ear for you... and i HATE people talkin sh!t when they can't talk it to ya... i'll tell ya to your face youre a b!tch if that's what i think (but typically i like b!tches, being one so that's really not a problem in my realm) hahah....

being better is just better isnt it! hahah

go you!