Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cats on a Tuesday

We have many cat friendly perches in our home. Various places that one can laze about. Each cat has their own favorite. And then there is the Sunpatch. The Sunpatch exists during the middle of the day when the only bit of direct sunlight in the house comes from the skylight in the hall. The size varies as the sun makes its crawl through the sky but it averages about 1 foot by 2 feet. This is prime kitty real estate and a nearly daily battle will ensue for possession. I managed to document one such battle. I'm sorry for the quality of them...between the fierce fighting and the bright sun it was the best I could do.

This fight began when Isis walked up to the Sunpatch and looked at it. Loki came running down the stairs and sat right in it. Loki doesn't share well. If Isis is already in the Sunpatch Loki will approach and merely sit on her head. Don't believe for a moment that Isis is the victim here. She will often walk up to a reclining Loki, lick her head a few times and then CHOMP on an ear or a haunch.

The battles are somewhat evenly matched. Isis has no claws but is quite adept with her teeth, having practiced for years on us before we got Loki. Loki has claws but forgets to use them. Isis has several pounds on Loki, but then Loki has learned the trick of rolling on her back and using the floor and wall as leverage. Her favorite pose is the paw in the face. Isis will be sizing up the next attack and a grey paw will just smack on her nose and sit there. Her version of 'talk to the hand' I suppose.

Loki is the victor this time...mainly because Isis got bored, walked away, and demanded food from the audience in the kitchen. Doesn't she look proud.


robyne said...

wait! the sunpatch glare is too bright- who won? loki or isis? either way, after a tough day at work, this story had me cracking up again!

Gothknits said...

Loki won...this time.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...



Jenny said...

ROTFL! I'll get you next time you little fur bag! MWAHahahahahaha!

roxtarchic said...

i loooove the setup you gave this... makes me meow ;)