Thursday, June 28, 2007


its very hot. Normally this isn't a problem since we have central air. But the furnace is currently unhooked due to love's household construction. So we languish away. Not really good knitting weather. I've hit another roadblock on the baby project. I'm not sure if I'll have to break down and buy more yarn or not. I have a possible creative solution but then again it may fail miserably. I'll know when I actually pick up the needles to knit it. I just feel too grimy to do so. I'm saving my shower until just before work...

I did finish the other front to Otis. I'm becoming very bored with it...or knitting in general lately. I think its the heat...I have sewing urges but between a cat infested studio and power being shut off hither and thither in the house, it's not exactly easy to accomplish.

I'm antsy today as well. It's hard to work on things when love's doing projects of this scale, especially when he keeps hitting roadblocks. Today's Mantra: Never let a paranoid schizophrenic contractor design or build anything in your house. Unfortunately in our case he owned the house at the time and we are left to deal with his complete lack of planning, logic, or adherence to code.

Well I'm off to read for a while before heading off to work for the day/evening.


. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

It sounds so strange to read that you can't cool off because the furnace isn't working.

Gothknits said...

Ah but don't I live in a Wonderland...or would that be Through the Looking Glass rather.