Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Things To Do When You're Alone

Ah....alone time. As a mother of two minions under the age of 5, I don't get much of that. But when I do, I've a list a mile long to squeeze in. Here's a few of my favorites.

  1. Sew- Much easier when one is alone. I can spread out and just concentrate. 
  2. Knit- Again. Much easier to follow charts and count stitches without hearing B-I-N-G-O being sung at the top of little lungs. 
  3. Browse at the Library- I come across so many books I want to indulge in when I can just wander around and not wrangle minions.
  4. Cook- while blasting music. 
  5. Painting- I love my co-workers (some of them), but leave the f*ck alone when I'm working. Especially if it something really involved. Surprisingly enough, it does take some concentration. 
  6. Reading- I love me some books. All kinds:sci-fi, mysteries, histories, fantasy, classic literature, biographies, how-to, true crime, and every now and then I'll indulge in a trashy romance novel (chosen by the picture on the cover). That last one is almost exclusively when I'm alone. 
  7. Soak in the tub- by the gods...I've not done that in about 6 years. Oh that's sad. That's really sad. (But then again, so is our tub).
  8. Fabric/craft shopping- I was doing this earlier this evening. Then I don't feel rushed and I can just browse and imagine and squee over anything and everything. 
  9. Watching movies- often while knitting or sewing. Then I can watch what I want to whether it's catching up on TV shows, a beloved chick flick, an old black and white favorite, a cherished sci-fi, or a cheesy Mel Brooks comedy
  10. Getting up early to write- I use to do this years ago. Just me and a cup of tea, in the quiet of morning, writing away. It might be time to revive that tradition.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Burger Toppings

Fourth of July, the time we celebrate the colonists defiance of a mad king by eating burgers and setting off explosives. I'm a burger girl, but I am particular. No raw onions. Actually I don't like any cold vegetables on my burgers at all. Save the lettuce and tomato for the salad.

  1. Cheese- any kind. I like to experiment. I'm big on stronger flavored cheeses on burgers...blue, Gorgonzola. But cheese really is a must.
  2. Bacon- duh
  3. Mushrooms- not canned.
  4. Guacamole/avocado
  5. Caramelized onions
  6. Garlic aioli- or some other creamy sauce. 
  7. Onion strings- crispier and better than onion rings
  8. BBQ sauce
  9. Ketchup- no mustard on burgers for me. That's for hot dogs.
  10. Lobster- It sounds odd but one of my favorite burgers contains the following: Lobster, Smoked Gouda, Caramelized Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Corn Spread. It is divine.