Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Things To Do When You're Alone

Ah....alone time. As a mother of two minions under the age of 5, I don't get much of that. But when I do, I've a list a mile long to squeeze in. Here's a few of my favorites.

  1. Sew- Much easier when one is alone. I can spread out and just concentrate. 
  2. Knit- Again. Much easier to follow charts and count stitches without hearing B-I-N-G-O being sung at the top of little lungs. 
  3. Browse at the Library- I come across so many books I want to indulge in when I can just wander around and not wrangle minions.
  4. Cook- while blasting music. 
  5. Painting- I love my co-workers (some of them), but leave the f*ck alone when I'm working. Especially if it something really involved. Surprisingly enough, it does take some concentration. 
  6. Reading- I love me some books. All kinds:sci-fi, mysteries, histories, fantasy, classic literature, biographies, how-to, true crime, and every now and then I'll indulge in a trashy romance novel (chosen by the picture on the cover). That last one is almost exclusively when I'm alone. 
  7. Soak in the tub- by the gods...I've not done that in about 6 years. Oh that's sad. That's really sad. (But then again, so is our tub).
  8. Fabric/craft shopping- I was doing this earlier this evening. Then I don't feel rushed and I can just browse and imagine and squee over anything and everything. 
  9. Watching movies- often while knitting or sewing. Then I can watch what I want to whether it's catching up on TV shows, a beloved chick flick, an old black and white favorite, a cherished sci-fi, or a cheesy Mel Brooks comedy
  10. Getting up early to write- I use to do this years ago. Just me and a cup of tea, in the quiet of morning, writing away. It might be time to revive that tradition.

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Leslie said...

I don't have a full size tub in the Rv, so didn't even think of soaking. when on vacation, a soak is on my list.