Friday, May 23, 2014

Catch a glimpse...

I've not a lot of time for writing at the moment but you catch a glimpse of what I am working on and thoughts therein on my Twitter feed and on Instagram as well. You can find me on both under Gothknits.

Come see the pretty.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ten on Tuesday

Ten Things (Or Subjects) You Wish You Knew More About

This is appropriate as there are a bunch of projects before me that would go far smoother if I had some more knowledge. So here goes....

  1. CAD (Computer Assisted Drafting)- I learned basic skills in this back in college but had little need to keep up on it. And with my 15 year reunion in a few weeks, that should tell you how rusty those skills are. In the various directions my career is going, I am finding that I really should know this and not rely on my husband to do all my CAD for me. 
  2. Projection Technology- We are being asked more and more to do projections for our productions. It is becoming a standard in the industry and we just aren't set up for it. A coworker and I are going to be working together on this. 
  3. Photoshop/Illustrator- I can do some basics but I am finding that I really should have some training to help when I need to design something or adjust something for work on the fly. 
  4. Gardening- it is garden time again and I just feel so overwhelmed some days. 
  5. Painting- there is always something new to learn.
  6. Cooking- I'm a fairly good cook, but I'm stuck in a rut. I think learning more would expand my culinary concoctions. 
  7. Pastry- This is an art all of its own. And a skill I am rather dodgy with.
  8. Electronics- so I could do all my own gadgety stuff without having to wait on the husband's skills.
  9. Sewing- I can never find what I want to wear, nor do I (currently) possess the skills to make such a wardrobe. Quilting falls into this category.
  10. Spinning- My wheel languishes with my lack of knowledge. Need to rectify that.  

 I am neck deep in a design project, complicated by a medication hiccup, therefore the writing has been sparse. The drawing and producing on this end has been plentiful....but the knitting/sewing/writing has been sparse.

But there should be news soon.