Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

KThis one is a timely list. Since the week of Thanksgiving, one or more members of the household have been sick. This weekend the Little Dude had the stomach flu, which killed all our plans. I had it yesterday...and let me tell you, it is so much worse when you have a Little One kicking your already tender digestive tract from the inside. Now we're 10 days till Christmas and I've done almost nothing.
So here we go:

10 Things On Your To-Do List

  1. Knit Fetchings for Little Dude's main teachers at daycare.
  2. Buy DnD gift cards for his teachers as well. (only his three main teachers are getting the added knitted gift)
  3. When fabric arrives for quilt, wash, iron and cut as needed.
  4. Sew quilt
  5. Christmas shopping...I'm ashamed to say we haven't done any of this yet. 
  6. Decide if I'm going to bother doing any cookie baking at this point and do it if I am.
  7. Address Christmas cards and send out.
  8. Wrap gifts.
  9. Try and get out to see Santa and get the yearly picture.  Illness has thwarted this twice.
  10. Pack for our road trip
There's so much more but I'm limiting it to the ten right now. 

    Tuesday, December 07, 2010

    Ten (or more) on Tuesday

    10 Favorite Holiday Shows

    A ten on Tuesday topic after my own heart. Much to my husband's chagrin I adore Christmas movies and I plan on passing that love down to our kids. These are some of my favorites but in no particular order:
    1. White Christmas--one of my top favorites. Don't know why but I love it. 
    2. A Christmas Story--who doesn't love this one? (and shame on you if you don't). How could you not love lines like "You'll shoot your eye out!" and "Oooohhhhh Ffffuuuuddddgggee."
    3. Nightmare Before Christmas--a fitting movie for two holidays and Tim Burton to boot. I have CD memorized and I sing along. 
    4. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer--yes it's hokey stop motion but it's one of my favorites from childhood. I love the Island of Misfit toys. Burl Ives singing "A Holly Jolly Christmas" is one of my favorite Christmas songs...it always gets me in the holiday spirit.
    5. Miracle on 34th Street--the original only
    6. The Santa Clause--I'm not a huge Tim Allen fan but I love this movie. I've only seen bits and pieces of the second one so I can't really rate that one.
    7. How the Grinch Stole Christmas--again another classic. Narration by Boris Karloff...come on! Frankenstein's Monster narrating Dr. Seuss....how can you go wrong?
    8. It's a Wonderful Life--to be completely honest I never saw the whole of this movie until several years ago. I know, I'm a freak. 
    9. Home Alone--and possibly the sequel. 
    10. The Bishop's Wife--Carey Grant...need I say more?
    11. The Family Stone--I love this movie no matter how much it makes me cry
    12. Mickey's Christmas Carol--this has a special place in my heart and my Little Dude has already watched it twice. (He's very into Mickey and Donald right now)
    So there you go. I'm ashamed at how few of these I own, but I plan on rectifying that. The Little Dude misses most of these when they are on TV because they tend to start at 8pm and he's in bed (hopefully) before then. What is your favorite?