Thursday, June 28, 2007


its very hot. Normally this isn't a problem since we have central air. But the furnace is currently unhooked due to love's household construction. So we languish away. Not really good knitting weather. I've hit another roadblock on the baby project. I'm not sure if I'll have to break down and buy more yarn or not. I have a possible creative solution but then again it may fail miserably. I'll know when I actually pick up the needles to knit it. I just feel too grimy to do so. I'm saving my shower until just before work...

I did finish the other front to Otis. I'm becoming very bored with it...or knitting in general lately. I think its the heat...I have sewing urges but between a cat infested studio and power being shut off hither and thither in the house, it's not exactly easy to accomplish.

I'm antsy today as well. It's hard to work on things when love's doing projects of this scale, especially when he keeps hitting roadblocks. Today's Mantra: Never let a paranoid schizophrenic contractor design or build anything in your house. Unfortunately in our case he owned the house at the time and we are left to deal with his complete lack of planning, logic, or adherence to code.

Well I'm off to read for a while before heading off to work for the day/evening.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Cats on a Tuesday

We have many cat friendly perches in our home. Various places that one can laze about. Each cat has their own favorite. And then there is the Sunpatch. The Sunpatch exists during the middle of the day when the only bit of direct sunlight in the house comes from the skylight in the hall. The size varies as the sun makes its crawl through the sky but it averages about 1 foot by 2 feet. This is prime kitty real estate and a nearly daily battle will ensue for possession. I managed to document one such battle. I'm sorry for the quality of them...between the fierce fighting and the bright sun it was the best I could do.

This fight began when Isis walked up to the Sunpatch and looked at it. Loki came running down the stairs and sat right in it. Loki doesn't share well. If Isis is already in the Sunpatch Loki will approach and merely sit on her head. Don't believe for a moment that Isis is the victim here. She will often walk up to a reclining Loki, lick her head a few times and then CHOMP on an ear or a haunch.

The battles are somewhat evenly matched. Isis has no claws but is quite adept with her teeth, having practiced for years on us before we got Loki. Loki has claws but forgets to use them. Isis has several pounds on Loki, but then Loki has learned the trick of rolling on her back and using the floor and wall as leverage. Her favorite pose is the paw in the face. Isis will be sizing up the next attack and a grey paw will just smack on her nose and sit there. Her version of 'talk to the hand' I suppose.

Loki is the victor this time...mainly because Isis got bored, walked away, and demanded food from the audience in the kitchen. Doesn't she look proud.

Monday, June 25, 2007


So just got back from love's company picnic. I usually avoid this since it's an odd thing being there...I used to work for the company and then I hit a glass ceiling during a campaign against me for fighting for safety issues. It seems its against company policy to NOT want to work in a carbon monoxide rich environment...but anywho. A new to the company employee is someone who went to college with the two of us. Someone who doesn't like me...or so I assume since she was talking smack about me to a rather good friend of mine. Actually the story is quite amusing considering she really put her foot in it on that occasion. So there she is...and there I am. She looked right at me and then ignored me. I grabbed my beer and kept on walking, sidled up to love and said what happened and plainly pointed out the fact that I still have the same figure I had in college and well...other people don't. Otherwise I totally behaved myself. Hey at least I didn't call her on the carpet for calling me a bitch in front of a bunch of my friends.


Sure everyone says something about the scissors but no one comments on the Eurydice set. *pout* As for the sheer number (get it.."shear"...well love would be proud of me) of scissors, mind you it is the merging of both our collections as well as tons of donations from people giving me their sewing equipment. I won't mention how many sewing machines (working and non) that are in my house.

I have been a busy little bee of late. Friday nite we threw a BBQ so of course it rained and had to move the festivities indoors. So that canceled the croquet match and the s'mores toasted at the fire pit, but it was fun anyway.

I finished the shawl for love's grandmother. I laid it out to show him when I bound of and then noticed something. Same dye lot but you can distinctly see the different skeins...son of a motherless goat!
I'm also working on a baby sweater for a friend. I have 3 skeins of yarn for it and a hat. I have two in the darker and one in the lighter. The hat was knit in the darker a while ago and I started knitting the sweater with the lighter main body with darker details....not enough yarn for that. So I frogged it all (i had done the back and the two fronts) and the hat and restarted with darker main body and lighter details. I'll do the hat a mix of the two. It's in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Love the stuff...oh why don't I get more yarn??? I nabbed this stuff when It was discontinued. At least I'm working on my destashing.

I also had a late surprise gift from my old PRGE pal Obsidian Kitten! There is a beautiful tulip shaped bowl for candles...lets see the little bastard squirrels chop that off! A Batman button, some pretty pretty soap and a hand knit pot holder. The postcard has a picture of Charlie Chaplin from Modern Times. Not seen is the Fear Factor red fire ants gummies. Those didn't last long. Thank you again! It came at the perfect time as all your packages did.

Ok off to get my hairs cut by a professional, buy a pin drill and to the doctor's for some paperwork. Then to love's company picnic where I will try to behave myself. well...maybe.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Righting some wrongs

For those who bemoan the fact that I forgot my camera while painting Euyrdice in NYC here's a little movie with pictures of the set to narration from the designer. (who happens to be one of my favorite designers). None of the workers pictured are me. Sorry. Wasn't much time for picture taking.

And a seems that I DON'T own 17 pairs of scissors...I own 22. That's all I came across actually. I didn't dig too deep in our tool area or in some of the more obscure craft storage areas.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Don't worry....

I didn't cut my hair off. I'm just aggravated with it. My mum wouldn't cut it as short as I wanted back in April and now it is too long again. My hair grows wicked fast and I haven't found a good hairdresser that is affordable. That's why I just let it costs way too much to maintain a cut. But when it is getting this long it's quite heavy.

So I didn't chop it...I gorged my self on take out from Outback and laughed at Shaun of the Dead.

I have four more days of work before a day off...four more days.

Friday, June 15, 2007

hide n seek

I think love better hide the scissors....all 17 pairs of them...slightly (and getting more) drunk and sick of my hair...hehehe.


Apparently I'm phucking cursed to be a god-damn pariah at any job I have because I follow policy and fight for a safe workplace.

Can you tell that i'm drinking already. I've had it. I'm on a 10 day stretch with out a day off and I have a feeling that I will be tendering my notice at the end of it. I'm sick of doing everything that I am asked to do and being the bad guy for doing it.

But on a good note I'm due for a good boss in the cycle...

Boss L-great boss taught me a lot
Boss J-horrible
Boss L-Best boss I ever had! Miss her like crazy (yes Lisa that's you)
Boss K-absolute nutcase had to talk her out of suicide most days and ended up totally stabbing me in the back
Boss T-tough but fair. totally took a chance on me. really made me feel appreciated after boss K. I cried when he left.
Boss L-awful, childish, thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread but can't find his way out of a paper bag...I could easily go on.
Boss ???-see the next one should be good...where are they though???

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

In the Darkness

I am in one of my darker moods right now. Not a pit of despair, mind you. This is not depression. This is....well what has gotten me labeled goth through the years.

Dark, reclusive...I'd lock myself in my studio with my music and work all night if it weren't full of cats. I have an urge to either have an altered state of consciousness or cut myself right now. One of my secret thrills/secret addictions is self mutilation. I've not succumbed to it in years, but the need and desire is often there. Ever my eating disorders. It's very hard to explain to those who don't do it...Reviving Ophelia has a good chapter on it, beyond being a fabulous book as a whole. I think every adolescent girl should read it...and any woman who never had the chance to. Secretary is a movie that addresses it in a very forward manner. Actually when my Love and I watched this movie together I turned to him at one point and said "that's what it feels like, that's why I do it" It's a shame that too many people focus on the bondage aspect of the movie. Am I revealing too much of myself...oh well. Like I've said...I've not cut in years. Mostly for the sake of my love.

Where was I going with all this. I just have an urge to walk away from work and all of this and just drown myself in music and art. Back like I use to before this horrible suburban rut I'm in. Perhaps it's the weather, or the time of year, or having gone off to New York to paint, or the moon and planets or whatever. I need to pull back from all this and find my spirit again. Find my art again. something...

sorry if this post wasn't what you expected...perhaps I'm starting to be myself again.


We I'm a bad girl and didn't take pictures yesterday on my day off when it was sunny. It doesn't help that the camera is full. Stupid thing won't recognize the memory card at all so we have to rely on the internal memory...which is anywhere from 9 to 12 pictures. Bah!

Font wars update
Larger: 2 votes
Smaller: 2 votes (and one if I had to vote vote)
Don't care: 2 votes

So I'll keep thinking about it for a while. I wish I could get the size to something in between. I've tried doing so on my template but it just won't budge. hrm...

Today I am working at my old store getting my assistant settled in and clearing out the shop of all 'illegal' stuff. It will be rather interesting to be back. I miss some people like crazy...the others... meh. I will try very hard to not be snarky. Well I better drag the boy out of bed before I leave.

Today's Mantra is from the Tao Te Ching:
Do your work, then step back.
The only path to serenity.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Font wars

Ok...i'm going to take a little poll here....

I'm not sure what works best for you who read this

Do you like reading my blog in

This font size (larger)

or this font size (normal)

The most votes win.

getting there

I just realized that I haven't posted in a few days and I left it rather tenuous. I'm doing better. SnB was good...the mooing of the ice cream cow at Stew's was a little much, but I think the place is a winner for now. I worked on the shawl for my love's grandmother until I ran out of yarn...i didn't have the extra. So I went to start on Otis...had the extra yarn but not the piece I was knitting on. So I grabbed the Silky Wool I had in there and started on my Knucks.

Work has been hell on wheels. My assistant is being promoted and moved out to another store. I wouldn't have made it through the holidays or my Dad's surgery with out her there. They are swapping her with someone else, unfortunately some one who has extenuating circumstances in her family which means I cannot rely on her being there. And my new guy quit an hour before his shift yesterday. The day I throw my keys at my boss and walk out the door gets closer and closer everyday. *think pretty thoughts....happiness is a warm gun....think pretty thoughts*

I will have pics of the knitting when the sun decides to come out.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In the light of day

I'm doing a tad better this morning. At least I've learned to recognize when I'm having a bout of depression. It's a start. Today will be a struggle. Work is going to be less than pleasent especially since the other two managers there today are ones that I cannot stand. Patience is a virtue but as we all know I'm not exactly known for being virtuious. Well I must be off. At least I have SnB to look forward to tonight. This time we're trying out the dining room at Stew Leonard's. We all know how I feel about Stew so that's something good today.

Today's Mantra: If you kill them then you are just making more paperwork for yourself.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I am currently sinking into another pit of despair. Work has me overwhelmed and frustrated. Even when I'm home I can't get away from it. I'm stuck where I am and I don't know how to get out of it. I feel creatively and emotionally sucked dry. My fuse is getting shorter and my filters are wearing away.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Its all fun and games until...

My contact ripped in my eye this morning. Never had that happen before. Damn it really hurts and it's rather hard to set an ad with one blurry and one non-blurry eye. Still hurts. Don't know why I'm posting this. Off to bed.

still here

It has been a crazy day. I stayed up too late last night yelling at the TV (read: watching hockey). We really need a bigger one. Ours is just too small to really see what is going on. At least they stopped doing the little colored blur to track the puck. I really hated that. I can't watch hockey and pay attention to my knitting so I worked on the green/yellow miter square blanket instead of Otis. That's the only knitting I've done since SnB on Wednesday. I've either been working or I crash when I get home. We did go out for our anniversary, at least. Well that's it. I'm exhausted, hungry and I still have a huge list of people that I need to call. Plus I have BE at work at 7am tomorrow. blah


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Friday, June 01, 2007

5 years ago...

I made the best decision of my life and married my best friend and the love of my life.

Happy Anniversary.