Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Righting some wrongs

For those who bemoan the fact that I forgot my camera while painting Euyrdice in NYC here's a little movie with pictures of the set to narration from the designer. (who happens to be one of my favorite designers). None of the workers pictured are me. Sorry. Wasn't much time for picture taking.

And a correction...it seems that I DON'T own 17 pairs of scissors...I own 22. That's all I came across actually. I didn't dig too deep in our tool area or in some of the more obscure craft storage areas.


. . . stinky painter girl . . said...

Nice photo Miz Scissorhands!

'twas wonderful speaking with you today!

Amy said...

you inspired me to go and count - we only have 8 if you count the cat claw clippers that kinda look like scissors

Jenny said...

That picture scares me on so many levels.

roxtarchic said...

yeah... pretty much scared-a-you

Obsidian Kitten said...

HAW! ok, this is rly funny to me--i grew up in a house where my mom had ONE pair of scissors (not counting her one other pair, they were for sewing ONLY). one damn pair. always kept in the same drawer, and none too sharp, either.

now i keep at least one pair in every friggin room if the house, plus several pair handy by the couch where i tend to work on my crafts (um, prolly 6 or 8 diff ones there)...so i don't have 22 (!) but i have a bunch. i try to keep a little pair or folding pair with every active project i have going b/c i HATE having to go hunt for scissors!

see, that's what happens when they deprive you of stuff as a kid...lol