Monday, December 05, 2011

Today is what??

I skipped blogging Thanksgiving week because it was a holiday and frankly I had enough to do. I have hosted Thanksgiving in one form or another for the last 11 years; ranging from years where we've had as many as 13 guests, to subdue years where I didn't even bother with a turkey (last year). I don't do this because I love the holiday. My husband's schedule often traps us here at this time of year, so it is up to me to hold with tradition. I'll often take in 'orphans' at the theatre who are far from their families and otherwise have nowhere to go.

But this year was a lovely holiday. I cooked my turkey on Wednesday....which was the best decision ever. It take so much of the stress out of the day. Little One is crawling now and showed of her new found skill to a set of grandparents that were visiting for the holiday.

And last week...well it sort of imploded on itself. I'm hoping to be back on track now.