Thursday, April 24, 2008


Since I missed my blogiversary back in February, I've decided to do a little contest of sorts. Tuesday evening is my ultrasound, where if the little flying monkey cooperates, we will know what it is. I'm taking guesses up until 1pm Tuesday, EST. Then I will choose a name or two from the correct guesses to win something. I'm not completely sure on the prize yet, I think it will depends on who wins (I'm not going to give knitting gifts to my non knitting readers)

So...leave comments if you think it is a boy or a girl.
Some possible helpful info
  • my main cravings have been for fresh fruit with a few other odd ones here and there (pad thai, tater tots, Friendly's ice cream sundae with peanut butter sauce and hot fudge) but the fruit has been the constant.
  • Food aversions- chicken. If it is cut up and small in the dish (and not the predominate flavor) I can manage it. Sit a chicken breast in front of me and I gag. And salmon.
  • No heartburn yet.
  • I've only had one baby dream that I can remember and it was a girl.
And this is how I am carrying:

contest photo

So let the games begin!

Friday, April 18, 2008


I really don't have words for this...I think it speaks for itself.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Random Conversations With A Insatiable Geek

Wow, I didn't realize quite how long it has been since I've posted. With my morning sickness gone (yea!) and some renewed energy I've been a busy bee around her. I also have my husband back from his 3 month stint of overtime, which means I get little to no computer time.

I also hit a stale point in my knitting. I finished the projects I had been working on and found myself not sure where to go next. I've been finding it hard to sit and knit lately. It seems the little one is giving me bouts of RLS, not fun after a day painting in your stocking feet. (those pictures will be up soon). I pulled out the Ballet wrap cardigan and attempted to figure out where I left off...then I really stepped back and looked at it. I decided I didn't quite like how it was coming out, so off to the frog pond it went. I'm debating the same with Kyoto. I have the sleeves and the neck band to do. I wanted to do the sleeves in the round but may just do them flat to get them done. I don't have enough dpns in that size to do them in the round and I'm having trouble finding more in that size. They are just two small to go with circs. I could magic loop if I felt like learning how to do that, but I don't on this project. I'll try to make a decision by this weekend.

I wanted to start some of the duck feet booties for my little flying monkey but the store I usually but the yarn at no longer carries that color. So more hunting for that. I did finish my last pair of boot socks...I'll get pics soon. After digging through my stash (ugh..hey did I miss flash your stash again???) I found 12 balls of a light violet wool that I got on clearance from JoAnn's. I had hoped to get more colors but never made it back. Anywho I am making the cabled baby blanket from Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss. We don't know what the little one is yet but if it is determined the blanket is too "girly" then I can always dye it. I need to knit something.

I fell last Friday. I mean I completely wiped out on the sidewalk. I had either missed the curb or tripped over it but I dropped a bunch of things along the way down; I even lost my shoe. I went down hard on one knee, tearing my pants and then on my hands. I managed to protect the belly. I'm fine except the abrasion and bruise on my knee that still hurt. What can you expect...I'm the girl that can trip on a shadow.

Oh and I completely missed my blogiversary.