Tuesday, February 28, 2006

When will it end?

I've been absent lately, kinda. So the day of my last post we found out my MIL had a bit of an accident. She was out walking the dog, was pulled off balance by the pup and bounced her head off the asphalt. She just got out of the hospital yesterday. Pretty nasty but I won't go into details right now. My love went out there (about 400 miles away) on Saturday, so I've been alone since then. After we found out, I called my own mother and asked her when all the many bad things happening lately would end. Her answer was "when we die, honey." Not exactly the comfort I was looking for. It really sucks being a grown up.

So here I am alone in my creepy house. The house itself isn't creepy, it just becomes so alone in the dark. I can thank my older brother for my fear of the dark. I'm 29 and sometimes I will have full out panic attacks walking down a dark hall. I can't sleep with the closet door open either (plus I put my love between me and it). I think the closet thing is due to seeing Poltergeist as a kid. I know a bunch of people my age with the same problem.

I have no clue why I am writing all this. I'm tired, I'm lonely, I'm frustrated that I can't be of any help from this distance. I haven't knit much the last few days. It is so cold and my hands don't do so well in the cold. Sunday I did paint my minatures some.

I better go. Maybe tomorrow the brain and fingers will collaborate enough to write something worth reading.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

When I should have been sleeping

Its a bit rough, but its late and i'm tired.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And now for something about knitting...maybe

So its been a bit. The weekend did not turn out the way I had planned, which being a Capricorn, irritates the hell out of me. My in-laws showed up several days early. Instead of Monday night they came Saturday afternoon. Mind you, they had an excellent reason, but it still screwed me up. I had to drop everything and clean like crazy. I couldn't work on the drywall in the back room, or (more importantly) my knitting. I saw my olympic dreams dashed.

Saturday we did go to a lovely dinner and then a hockey game. I learned something new (it never ceases, does it). Even though you can knit on a plane, you can't at a hockey game. Even though it isn't posted ANYWHERE that you can't have knitting needles with you. When the fuck did knitting turn us into potential threats. I feel a need to swipe the skateboarding slogan and start printing items that say "Knitting isn't a Crime". They wouldn't let me in with my needles. My in-laws had already entered the arena and had the car keys, so they ended up going in the trash in a fit of frustration. I was so pissed, I was on the verge of tears but I figured I would dig through the trash for them after. No biggie...I'm not above dumpster diving. Aren't the damn cans gone when the game was over. I should have just palmed them up my coat sleeves. It didn't help that those needles once belonged to my grandmother. Well fuck you Civic Center. I had hoped to plan a knitting hockey night, but obviously you don't want our business. Bastards! At least there were several fights and a fair amount of blood. Oh and my team won.

The second bag is all set to be felted. The Kyoto sweater is coming along nicely. The left front is complete and the back is about 1/3 rd done. Haven't even touched the devil baby pants. So I was a little over ambitious (I did mention I was a Capricorn, didn't I).

Oh, and here is a little something that made me laugh for HOURS today. Yah, so I'm a freak. Deal with it.

One Question...

WHY does my house smell like skunk this morning????!!!???

No really, my house smells like SKUNK. I've counted the cats and we don't have one extra. My husband says it started at about 2:30 am, strong enough that he got out of bed to check and see if one was in here. I looked outside and there are a few signs of digging for grubs in the lawn but no odor. Once I walked back in BAM, skunk right in the face. Maybe we have a ghost skunk.


Thankfully I own a boatload of scented candles and incense.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What I learned today

This is what I learned at work today. Grommets, once in, are really, really, REALLY hard to take out.

Tonight was stitch and bitch night. One of my favorite nights of the week. I worked on Kyoto this evening and made fabulous progress. I got to the section splits and most of the way through the left front. I'd take a picture of it but it wouldn't really look like much. But then again it has been sitting in the same state for so long that ANY progress is fabulous. One fellow bitcher asked if my knitting always (ever) fits. My answer was a resounding "HA!". Baby sweaters I can manage. Something to fit an adult...especially me...there's a better chance that my cats will learn english. This sweater will hopefully break that curse.

In our discussions this evening one of my favorite knitting sites came up. This is one of my greatest inspirations when I get frustrated and find myself at the frog pond. This woman deserves an award or something. If she can do that, then my minor setback can be overcome without gasoline and a match. See everything can be fixed with wine and chocolate.

Enough for tonight. Have to be up early to take the stupid car in to be fixed. I bet WonderWoman never had such troubles with her invisible jet.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Not quite my most favorite day....actually I hate it. I've been dumped on it twice (and the second one knew about the first time. punk!) But my darling prince did make me smile and cry a bit today. It has been rather loverly.

Anywho...off to knitting.

Many of my fellow knitters are competing in the knitter's olympics. I wanted to but then decided against it. The timing is not the best with a show to finish painting and some in-laws coming to visit...I didn't think I would have a fair shot. Besides, did I really need another project on the go? So I am doing my own (unnamed) version. I have to complete by the time the flame goes out all existing projects sitting on needles. How's that for a challenge! Here is the list as of the opening ceremonies:
  • Mitered squares baby blanket
  • Kyoto sweater
  • Black initial bag
  • Blue initial bag
  • Baby Devil pants

There it is in all its glory. Actually the baby blanket is now complete. I finished weaving in the thousands of ends. I was going to put a border on it but thought it looked ugly.

The black bag needs a little re-felting to fix the opening and a zipper put in (horrors...i hate zippers!). The blue is needing handles attached and piping knit and attached before in the washer it goes...then another friggin zipper.

Devil pants....um....I have the tail done.

Kyoto is the uber-challenge. The sash is complete. Now I am working on the top. I am attempting to knit the fronts and the back as one, splitting at the armholes and then I will pickup the sleeves and knit them down. Did I mention I don't like seaming. Its right up there with zippers.

So there it is. Can I do it...we shall see...yes *evil grin* we shall see.

Monday, February 13, 2006

And so it begins...

I have been meaning to start this thing for a while. And so here goes. This will mostly my adventures in knitting and art as a freaky little gothchick...and whatever methodical madness I see fit to include.
I beg patience as I work though all the technical aspects of this. I'm not as computer savvy as is my wont, but then again it would help if I could get my husband off of the thing every now and then.

Anywho...here we go.