Wednesday, February 15, 2006

What I learned today

This is what I learned at work today. Grommets, once in, are really, really, REALLY hard to take out.

Tonight was stitch and bitch night. One of my favorite nights of the week. I worked on Kyoto this evening and made fabulous progress. I got to the section splits and most of the way through the left front. I'd take a picture of it but it wouldn't really look like much. But then again it has been sitting in the same state for so long that ANY progress is fabulous. One fellow bitcher asked if my knitting always (ever) fits. My answer was a resounding "HA!". Baby sweaters I can manage. Something to fit an adult...especially me...there's a better chance that my cats will learn english. This sweater will hopefully break that curse.

In our discussions this evening one of my favorite knitting sites came up. This is one of my greatest inspirations when I get frustrated and find myself at the frog pond. This woman deserves an award or something. If she can do that, then my minor setback can be overcome without gasoline and a match. See everything can be fixed with wine and chocolate.

Enough for tonight. Have to be up early to take the stupid car in to be fixed. I bet WonderWoman never had such troubles with her invisible jet.

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Karen said...

Hey! You set up your blog! Looks great!