Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And now for something about knitting...maybe

So its been a bit. The weekend did not turn out the way I had planned, which being a Capricorn, irritates the hell out of me. My in-laws showed up several days early. Instead of Monday night they came Saturday afternoon. Mind you, they had an excellent reason, but it still screwed me up. I had to drop everything and clean like crazy. I couldn't work on the drywall in the back room, or (more importantly) my knitting. I saw my olympic dreams dashed.

Saturday we did go to a lovely dinner and then a hockey game. I learned something new (it never ceases, does it). Even though you can knit on a plane, you can't at a hockey game. Even though it isn't posted ANYWHERE that you can't have knitting needles with you. When the fuck did knitting turn us into potential threats. I feel a need to swipe the skateboarding slogan and start printing items that say "Knitting isn't a Crime". They wouldn't let me in with my needles. My in-laws had already entered the arena and had the car keys, so they ended up going in the trash in a fit of frustration. I was so pissed, I was on the verge of tears but I figured I would dig through the trash for them after. No biggie...I'm not above dumpster diving. Aren't the damn cans gone when the game was over. I should have just palmed them up my coat sleeves. It didn't help that those needles once belonged to my grandmother. Well fuck you Civic Center. I had hoped to plan a knitting hockey night, but obviously you don't want our business. Bastards! At least there were several fights and a fair amount of blood. Oh and my team won.

The second bag is all set to be felted. The Kyoto sweater is coming along nicely. The left front is complete and the back is about 1/3 rd done. Haven't even touched the devil baby pants. So I was a little over ambitious (I did mention I was a Capricorn, didn't I).

Oh, and here is a little something that made me laugh for HOURS today. Yah, so I'm a freak. Deal with it.

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