Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Not quite my most favorite day....actually I hate it. I've been dumped on it twice (and the second one knew about the first time. punk!) But my darling prince did make me smile and cry a bit today. It has been rather loverly.

Anywho...off to knitting.

Many of my fellow knitters are competing in the knitter's olympics. I wanted to but then decided against it. The timing is not the best with a show to finish painting and some in-laws coming to visit...I didn't think I would have a fair shot. Besides, did I really need another project on the go? So I am doing my own (unnamed) version. I have to complete by the time the flame goes out all existing projects sitting on needles. How's that for a challenge! Here is the list as of the opening ceremonies:
  • Mitered squares baby blanket
  • Kyoto sweater
  • Black initial bag
  • Blue initial bag
  • Baby Devil pants

There it is in all its glory. Actually the baby blanket is now complete. I finished weaving in the thousands of ends. I was going to put a border on it but thought it looked ugly.

The black bag needs a little re-felting to fix the opening and a zipper put in (horrors...i hate zippers!). The blue is needing handles attached and piping knit and attached before in the washer it goes...then another friggin zipper.

Devil pants....um....I have the tail done.

Kyoto is the uber-challenge. The sash is complete. Now I am working on the top. I am attempting to knit the fronts and the back as one, splitting at the armholes and then I will pickup the sleeves and knit them down. Did I mention I don't like seaming. Its right up there with zippers.

So there it is. Can I do it...we shall see...yes *evil grin* we shall see.

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