Monday, July 31, 2006

for anyone who cares...

I didn't get the job. Don't really know why I thought I might. One would think that I would have learned by now.

Thursday, July 27, 2006


its hot....very hot

I sit here in my underwear and a bikini top (sorry no picks of that) printing pictures for my portfolio and listening to Weezer.

The shawl sits on the end table waiting for tomorrow. I did two rows in one evening and hurt like hell. I've decided to cut 4 rows from the ruffles so after this next wrong side row I will start the garter stitch border.

Meanwhile I am working though the fug of my stash for charity scarves.

No word on the job yet. I am trying not to despair but its difficult. I need to get out of where I am now....I mean REALLY REALLY NEED to get out. Today my boss called saying he was going to be about 4 hours late because he felt like going to the museum! WTF!!!!! This is a sign to cut and run. At this point I'm ready to say screw it, screw health insurance (and trying to have a baby) and just start freelancing again. or maybe Assassin school...that's my ultimate dream job.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Did I mention I'm an idiot?

First of all, I became an artist so I wouldn't have to do math. I so messed up the math on the shawl...and NOT in my favor either. Here are the updated stats:

2,235 per row
29,055 remaining in the shawl.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm Back...

I've been back for nearly a week now...i did attempt to blog but the bloody computer shut down on me again. It seems for some reason whilst in my account it starts up a program in my husband's account and pushes the CPU beyond its capacity...therefore it shuts down. This machine has never liked me.

The wedding went very well, despite a few set backs...but I shall tell that story when I have the pictures back. I did manage to get from the hotel to the airport, fly back here, and take a cab home all by myself. This is a big deal for me, especially since I hate, (HATE) flying. I had no problems knitting on the plane...even with a big fat sweaty guy next to me.

And the answer to the burning question is.....No. I didn't get the shawl done on time. I'm still working on the thing. I am at the end, it is just straight knitting and purling now but there are now 1,125 stitches per row. I have about 12 rows left. That's 13,500 stitches left. If there was ever a moment for the little elves to show up and finish my knitting this is it. I did bring it and show it to her. She likes it, and I will send it out as soon as it is done. Besides...there's a heat wave all over the country...who needs a shawl right now anyway.

No word on the job yet. Since I am an external canidate they can't tell me anything really. Which translated into "stop calling us you freak!" I'm using my frantic energy to get my portfolio together, catch up on house stuff and knit. Aside from the shawl I am working on the second red/black pedicure sock and charity scarves from some of the more heinous yarn I own. Amy asked if I was knitting a Muppet as well. Yes, it feels like I am knitting with recycled Muppets. But its for a good cause and makes room in my stash.

Sorry for the lack of pics.

Monday, July 10, 2006

C is for....

Cupcakes? Here's a pic of the cupcakes I made for our 4th of July potluck at work. Yep Cookie Monster cupcakes....with homemade chocolate chip cookies of course. I was one of the few shmucks stuck working all day. We designated it "Ignore the Rules" day at work. Many of us rebelled against the dress code. I barely worked in my department, instead setting up the Halloween (yes HALLOWEEN) village and decorations. I also wore my WonderWoman Underroos with jeans, and my hair in pig tails. I was in 4 year old mode most of the day. That's what they get for making me work on a holiday WITHOUT holiday pay.


I've been lacking in updates but I have been hardcore knitting. Like staying up really really late knitting. I sent out my resume for a job that is all that I am looking for right now and all my luck seems to be with it. I've mananged to get bruised, forgot my lunch, forgot my tea break things, fall, dump an entire mug of water in my lap while driving, have a hellacious time at work (more than usual) and then there is this:


Yep. and the f*bombs were dropping left and right. So I pulled out the T-pins, a glass of wine and started working. It was too far up to rip back to the life line. This also happened the day after I realized that the long edge of the triangle on this shawl is 6 feet! Not including ruffles. What the hell had I gotten myself into?

I knew I could manage this. If this could be done (this woman deserves a medal or something)...I would be fine. Should I mention that my love decided to run away during all this? Yeah, off to the sanctuary of BestBuy. I did encounter a bit of yarn bizarrely placed. It was somehow twisted extra or something. I worked it in a place I thought that wouldn't be noticed. Can you see it?So there it is. Proper one on the left repaired one on the right. If anyone notices anything...its a needle in the eye for them.

I am still plugging away on it. Charts 7 and 8 are done. I'm into the ruffles. I have a feeling that this will be finished in the car on the way to Maryland and blocked in the hotel room. Not really what I had planned. I had really thought I would have this one done. I've been doing my best, forsaking all other projects and aspects of my life. I think my husband resents the shawl. He told me tonight that after the wedding no more projects for a while. You think by now he would know better. oh well.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

ever onward

6 is done despite having to rip back to the life line 3 rows in. If it weren't for Amy I would have burst into tears. Yeah its only 3 rows but there is something like 400 stitches to a row. ...7 is about a third completed. I just moved up the lifeline and I am going to bed. The next section is a funky decrease...

oh and the room looks good except for one thing...the tape is pulling the paint off the ceiling.