Thursday, July 27, 2006


its hot....very hot

I sit here in my underwear and a bikini top (sorry no picks of that) printing pictures for my portfolio and listening to Weezer.

The shawl sits on the end table waiting for tomorrow. I did two rows in one evening and hurt like hell. I've decided to cut 4 rows from the ruffles so after this next wrong side row I will start the garter stitch border.

Meanwhile I am working though the fug of my stash for charity scarves.

No word on the job yet. I am trying not to despair but its difficult. I need to get out of where I am now....I mean REALLY REALLY NEED to get out. Today my boss called saying he was going to be about 4 hours late because he felt like going to the museum! WTF!!!!! This is a sign to cut and run. At this point I'm ready to say screw it, screw health insurance (and trying to have a baby) and just start freelancing again. or maybe Assassin school...that's my ultimate dream job.


Karen said...

Hehe. I'll go to assassin school with ya. Sounds fun.

Shanti said...

I knew you reminded me of someone - La Femme Nikita!

msfortuknit said...

Assasign scool sounds nice! I hink of that girl from Kill Bill that had the chain and metal ball, I cant think of what the hell its called right now! But yeah that sounds great! GO for it, make him your first target!
Im sorry doll, Hang in there, k?

msfortuknit said...
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Rach said...


When you graduate from assassin school you could specialize idiots.