Wednesday, January 31, 2007


That is what life is becoming.One big friggin fiasco

Here's the knitting fiasco since I promised some knitting. I started this project as gift for a friends new baby. I made a earflap hat in blue with a grey topknot. Then I made the sox and I was about a yard short of blue to finish the sox. *sigh* so I ripped out the hat, used one of the ear flaps to finish the sox and now restarting the hat with grey earflaps and topknot with blue body. Annoying to say the least. It is the cutest hat from a Debbie Bliss book. The kid in the picture wearing the hat is just adorable.

Work is a huge fiasco that I just can't talk about. That's one thing that sucks about being manager. Knowing all this major information but not being able to discuss it and pretending that impending doom isn't on its way. So glad I won't be there for 4 days, especially since it will all hit the fan on day one of my weekend off.

But not a real weekend off. I'll be painting like a madwoman. That is if the damn set gets built. Hire help they say. Why, NOTHING IS BUILT YET!!!!! Are we suppose to paint the air and just smack the scenery into it when its built! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Yes folks this is my chosen career. I still like it better than retail.

Tomorrow is my test at the hospital. I'm having a HSG done. I'm still freaked out. Actually my freaking out has nothing to do with the results. I've thought very little about the results. I'm irrationally worried about the test. Maybe because the last time I spent time in the hospital it was just a wee bit stressful. I had also hoped the test would be on a day off so I could pamper myself after. Nope...gotta close the store that night. My love and I have been 'discussing' if he will accompany me or not. He asked if I "needed" him for it. I replied "physically not really, emotionally most likely, but it was up to him" which is woman-speak for "yes you idiot I want you there, but since you obviously don't want to go, I won't straight out ask you to come. " Hopefully he's been studying his woman-speak dictionary. I think the reason I'm unable to ask him because my fear of the whole thing IS irrational and I'll just feel guilty if he takes time off and the whole thing is no big deal.
AHHH! I just read the side of the bottle on the antibiotic I have to take tonight before the test. "do not lie down for at least 30 minutes after taking this medication" Damn damn damn...i just wanna go to bed. *pout pout*

*sigh* I guess I'll go kill some time on least I'll feel smarter.


Dark Purple

To others, you seem a bit dark, mysterious, and moody.
In truth, you are just a very unique person who doesn't care what others think.
And you really enjoy your offbeat interests and friends.
You've decided that life is about living for yourself - simple as that.
What Color Purple Are You?

I don't think this will surprise anyone.

busy bee

I know I said I would post pictures and I will. Just been crazy busy between the two jobs and all the doctor's appointments. There will be a real post soon. I promise.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Found and bled dry

Well, we did find it. Apparently I put it on the corkboard in the office so I wouldn't lose it. That sums me up quite well. I do something to try and prevent a specific action and that is exactly what happens. It was found and I went and had my blood drawn. Thursday is the test that really has me on edge for reasons I cannot explain. Its a simple procedure where they flood the uterus and fallopian tubes with dye and take a x-rays to see how things look in there. I'm really freaking out about it and I don't know why. What makes it worse is that I can't have sex between now and then. They might as well tell me not to eat in that time period. Actually I think I could manage that better. Not that you really want to know any of this, but I'm not deleting.

There will be knitting pics later. I've been painting this morning and really need to shower before I touch anything.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I would lose my friggin head

But until that happens I seem to have lost my paperwork for all my in/fertility testing. Maybe this is a sign. Or maybe one of us threw it out. who the hell knows...or gnomes. Its stressing me since the blood work has to be done tomorrow. I have the paperwork for his test (and the sterile cup) but not the lab papers for either of mine.

and it is damn ass cold. too cold to do anything but cocoon myself in the down comforter. ugh.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I am slightly irritated this morning. I got up early on my day off to take love to pick up the truck from the mechanic. (Finally the damn truck is fixed!!!!) Then I headed off to the high school. I had planned to squeeze a few hours of work in despite it being a longer rehearsal day. Usually they start at its 1. I get there and they didn't lay out the flats as I had kindly requested. No I am in no way squeamish about moving heavy objects, these suckers are 12.5 feet tall double sided MDF faced (read really friggin heavy). So no painting this morning. Which puts me further behind. I'm getting a little fed up here. I have no shop. I paint where they have class and rehearsal and the damn shows keep getting bigger and bigger. Something has to give.

So now I am home with a pot of Russian tea, the laundry going and the day to myself. I think I'll clean the house until my jeans are clean and dry then head out. I'm thinking Goodwill (i need clothes) and the library. Perhaps I'll make my hair appointment at the Angry Chair. I need to do something with it soon, or I'll take scissors or a razor to it myself. I just don't know what to do with it. I didn't have a plan for it past my friends wedding back in July.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The State of the Union

So the state of the union address is tonight. I am not going to go into my politics here (though I'm sure you can guess some of them) Frankly I don't trust any of them. I have a slight (i'm sure love would argue with the word slight) tendency to be a little conspiratorial. But just because I am paranoid doesn't mean I don't have reason to be. So I always make a point of listening or watching it. And then I end up yelling a whole lot. More than I do at hockey.*gasp* Sometimes we make a drinking game of it (when watched on TV) Pick a word or two and when he says it, drink. One year love picked "weapons of mass destruction" and I drank every time the man smirked. Boy, did we get smashed that night. So have fun and remember...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Its here...

I realized a moment ago that I hadn't seen Loki for a bit. I've been up and down doing laundry and she has a bad habit of getting locked in the basement. Nope...I was getting worried until I saw this:

Its official people (despite a lack of snow) WINTER IS HERE!

Knee sox

So I went a little crazy at Target last night. They had knee socks on clearance. I LOVE knee socks and they have become difficult to find. I've not yet knit some but that's on the selfish knitting list. And I was thrilled to find socks with something other than fluffy kitties or other froofroo themes.

The sock monkey socks cracked me up so I overlooked my usual pink ban. Actually the color has been growing on me lately. I have developed a slight interest in scrapbooking too. I'm either pregnant or have developed some new girly mental illness.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Weird things about me. I'm not sure where I saw this first (or last) but its worth a shot.

  1. I cannot sleep with the closet door open. In fact I make my husband sleep on the side of the bed next to the closet. I guessing this stems from seeing Poltergeist at a very young age. Let him get sucked into the netherworld. His screams will wake me and give me a chance to get away. :) And when the bedroom upstairs finally gets done, we are switching sides of the bed so he is again closest to the closet.
  2. When punching in a time on the microwave I refuse to use round numbers. No 1 minute 30 seconds here...its 1:48 or 1:23. Why should these numbers suffer because they aren't easy math?
  3. I drink pickle brine (from kosher garlic dills) and I love it.
  4. I have no nails on my pinkie toes. They were removed for medical reasons.
  5. I can fall off a ladder, hit the wall I am painting, hit the ladder again, hit the wall again and hit the floor all without spilling a drop of paint from the container in my hand.
  6. I can identify most brands of paint and polyurethane by smell alone.
  7. I will often skip, rather than walk, from point A to point B. Even at work.

Actual knitting

I promised some knitting pictures today and here they are:

The bag was a holiday gift for one of my employees. She s Loves pink. I'm still having a few issues with the piping on these bags. I will try an attached i-cord next time. I was rushing to get this done in time so i didn't really have time to work it out. I typically do these out of Cascade 220 but this time I used Patons Classic Wool. Very different texture. The Cascade tends to felt in a rather smooth finish, this was kinda nubby. Not a bad thing, just unexpected. It reminded me of boucle fabric, especially with the pink and black, I thought 'Chanel suit'. This experience makes me want to gather all kinds of yarn and f
elt swatches to have a sample book for reference. I did love the texture for these bags. Though it did take longer to felt it. However here is picture of my nifty drying method for felting. All it requires is a stool, a floor vent and a wooden spoon. Rather efficient and it confuses the cats.

This is the black and red miter square blanket that was in my hands much of my time at the hospital with my Dad. This is done in Lionbrand Homespun. As soon as I saw their new colors I knew I would be doing this blanket. It needs a little blocking before its truly finished.

I have a few more projects before I start my selfish knitting. I plan on starting my me projects in February.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Why as an adult do I need to write my name on my food in my own fridge???

Before I went away I bought a box of ice cream sandwiches. I've been craving them like crazy. Love asked if he could have one, my reply was the usual when I buy a food I am craving. Help yourself but don't eat it all. Fast forward to my return, an evening after a long day at work (read auditor showed up on first day back) and love asks if he can get me anything. "ice cream sandwich" he shies away and mumbles something. The rat bastard ate them all on me! So today I bought two for me and one for him. I
will track how many are in my box and beware if any are missing. grrrrrr

on a totally different note my avatar's costume change is in honor of us watching firefly. My love got it for Christmas. I almost forgot how much I loved that show. Damn them for canceling it!. mmmmmm.....Joss Whedon is my master now.

oh yeah...knitting pics tomorrow

Monday, January 08, 2007

Happy Birthday to me....

I live in a...tree???

Happy Birthday Elvis, David Bowie, Steven Hawkin, and ME!

Yes it is my birthday and I'm 30. My mother didn't even know how old I was this year! The celebration aspect has been somewhat delayed due to Dad's surgery and such. We had a meeting tonight at 6pm so that kills most dinner plans and I'm not drinking right now so the bar would be no fun.

Maybe I'll just pop on over to the Webs site and by myself a boatload of yarn....

Just about everyone else has done a New Year's list. Since its only a week later I kinda consider my birthday my own new year. So here's mine (I will add things periodically as I think of them):

  • Learn to play chess (and checkers). yes i am the only freak on this planet above the age of 3 who doesn't know how to play checkers.
  • Switch to a new and better GP.
  • Get up to date with all doctors visits and medical stuff
  • Knit at least 1 sweater, 1 shrug, 1 shawl and 1 bag for myself. And yes they should actually fit me.
  • Exercise 3 times a week.
  • Get back on track with a healthier diet
    • More fruit/vegetables-less red meat
    • More homemade-less convenience food
    • More fiber-less things like dip and gravy
  • Indulge my 4 year old self at least once a week
  • Get my finances in order
  • Have a body of artwork to show by next October
That's good for now, I think.

I'm back...

And my Daddy is doing great! He was out of the hospital in record time. I even have pictures of everything (but don't worry, I won't post them). He insisted on the pictures. Yes, much of my weirdness comes from him...but not all.

Thank you everyone for your prayers, thoughts and words of support. Now I can breathe a little.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Off again...

I'm heading off shortly to see my family for a week or so. Tomorrow is Dad's surgery and I'm not sure if I'll be able to post much.

I will be knitting however. Sitting around in a hospital full of nervous energy...I should get a fair amount done. Here's what I am bringing.

THE SHAWL...I'm still on the damn ruffles but it is almost done.
The black/red mitered blanket
The blue twin socks (nearly done)
a smattering of baby hats and booties.

My goal is to finish all this other stuff before I start on a run of selfish knitting. Yes, my vow for 2007 is to knit something for myself! probably with skulls on it. I have yet to knit myself a sweater...all I own made by my own needles are 3 pairs of socks and several scarves. I have a stack of patterns waiting in the wings and a stash in the hope chest (which love found the other that it is cold enough for sweaters...oops) . I'll be 30 on Monday so my new year kinda starts then.

I'll try to update while I am gone. Happy knitting. (sorry if this was rambling...not quite focused at the moment)

What are the odds...

of twins?!?
This happened completely on accident. The yarn was balled without consideration of color. I merely pulled out an end and started knitting. Trust me I couldn't do this if I
tried. The yarn is foliage by Berocco. It was bought intended for my feet, but now it will be on my mums.