Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Off again...

I'm heading off shortly to see my family for a week or so. Tomorrow is Dad's surgery and I'm not sure if I'll be able to post much.

I will be knitting however. Sitting around in a hospital full of nervous energy...I should get a fair amount done. Here's what I am bringing.

THE SHAWL...I'm still on the damn ruffles but it is almost done.
The black/red mitered blanket
The blue twin socks (nearly done)
a smattering of baby hats and booties.

My goal is to finish all this other stuff before I start on a run of selfish knitting. Yes, my vow for 2007 is to knit something for myself! probably with skulls on it. I have yet to knit myself a sweater...all I own made by my own needles are 3 pairs of socks and several scarves. I have a stack of patterns waiting in the wings and a stash in the hope chest (which love found the other day...now that it is cold enough for sweaters...oops) . I'll be 30 on Monday so my new year kinda starts then.

I'll try to update while I am gone. Happy knitting. (sorry if this was rambling...not quite focused at the moment)


Jenny R said...

Good luck with the surgery! Try not to knit too tight! :)

roxtarchic said...

good luck for your father... and you definitely need to knit for you this year. and i do the same thing... i think it's a knit thing... it starts out as i'd wear this... i'll give this a try & somewhere during the process it becomes someone elses'...