Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Why as an adult do I need to write my name on my food in my own fridge???

Before I went away I bought a box of ice cream sandwiches. I've been craving them like crazy. Love asked if he could have one, my reply was the usual when I buy a food I am craving. Help yourself but don't eat it all. Fast forward to my return, an evening after a long day at work (read auditor showed up on first day back) and love asks if he can get me anything. "ice cream sandwich" he shies away and mumbles something. The rat bastard ate them all on me! So today I bought two boxes...one for me and one for him. I
will track how many are in my box and beware if any are missing. grrrrrr

on a totally different note my avatar's costume change is in honor of us watching firefly. My love got it for Christmas. I almost forgot how much I loved that show. Damn them for canceling it!. mmmmmm.....Joss Whedon is my master now.

oh yeah...knitting pics tomorrow


Mouse said...

Your avatar is a brown coat.. how cool! I love that shirt.. the price is really great right now too because they are overstocked. I love Firefly.. its such a shame they cancelled it and then ruined any chances of its return with the movie plot.

Obsidian Kitten said...

joss rules

joss rules

joss rules

omg, joss SO totally rules
and that WAS an excellent show
good movie, too...

and my spouse eats MY ice cream sammies, too, DAMMIT