Thursday, January 18, 2007

Knee sox

So I went a little crazy at Target last night. They had knee socks on clearance. I LOVE knee socks and they have become difficult to find. I've not yet knit some but that's on the selfish knitting list. And I was thrilled to find socks with something other than fluffy kitties or other froofroo themes.

The sock monkey socks cracked me up so I overlooked my usual pink ban. Actually the color has been growing on me lately. I have developed a slight interest in scrapbooking too. I'm either pregnant or have developed some new girly mental illness.


Mouse said...

I bought a few of the same pairs when I was there (the welsh dragons, a grey version of the one green pair in your photo, and a purple & black pair of argyle) and I really love them. I don't particularly like wearing socks, so when I wear them.. they are usually silly.

Rach said...

I get the pink ban. One of Jack's friends gave me a pink maternity sweater. I wore it one day to work. Did not go well with the orange apron. When Jack saw me in it he banned me from ever wearing pink. Quite emphatic about it actually.