Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our hearts are broken

There are no words for what happened yesterday. We are blessed in that it was not our town, our school, or our children, but this is an incredible blow to the state. I've not stopped crying over it, and keep scooping up my children to hug them tight. I cannot soapbox right now about guns and mental health care. Now is the time to grieve and show our support to the families who were ripped apart.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

One big part of Christmas in my family is the baking, especially the cookies. We have some that are an absolute requirement and others that are made if there is time. Here's my top ten list:

10 Favorite Christmas Cookies
1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls- these are the most requested cookies in the house. Crunchy peanut butter and rice krispie insides drenched with chocolate. The year I entered these in the company bake-off (and won) I had a to make a second batch for the contest because my husband refused to let them leave the house.

2. Gingerbread cookies- a seasonal must. With or without the frosting.

3. Pizzelles- I have the iron and have inherited the task of making these since my grandmother passed away. In our family we don't add the anise flavoring, though occasionally we will dust them with confectioners sugar.

4. Butterballs-rich, tiny and delightful.

5. Chocolate balls/Whiskey balls- I can do these with or without the raisins but they are a must have part of the season. I remember that when I was little Mom would make a batch without the whiskey for the kids. Making these is how I learned about shot glasses and what 'a stiff shot' means.

6. Spritz Cookies- simple and wonderful....and addictive.

7.  The Peanut Butter Ones with the Hershey's Kisses- not really Christmas cookies but I like them anyway.

8. Thumbprints- Oh yeah...with raspberry jam, though equally good other jellies. And the crushed nuts are a must.

9. Plain old frosted sugar cookies- classic and fun. I have quite the collection of cookie cutters and I'm looking forward to using them with the kids as they grow up.

10. Peppermint bark- not a cookie, per se, but a must have part of the season. I'm addicted to mint/chocolate combination.