Saturday, June 09, 2007

getting there

I just realized that I haven't posted in a few days and I left it rather tenuous. I'm doing better. SnB was good...the mooing of the ice cream cow at Stew's was a little much, but I think the place is a winner for now. I worked on the shawl for my love's grandmother until I ran out of yarn...i didn't have the extra. So I went to start on Otis...had the extra yarn but not the piece I was knitting on. So I grabbed the Silky Wool I had in there and started on my Knucks.

Work has been hell on wheels. My assistant is being promoted and moved out to another store. I wouldn't have made it through the holidays or my Dad's surgery with out her there. They are swapping her with someone else, unfortunately some one who has extenuating circumstances in her family which means I cannot rely on her being there. And my new guy quit an hour before his shift yesterday. The day I throw my keys at my boss and walk out the door gets closer and closer everyday. *think pretty thoughts....happiness is a warm gun....think pretty thoughts*

I will have pics of the knitting when the sun decides to come out.


robyne said...

yeah i'm familiar with the person coming over to work with you.....
good luck! what doesn't kill us makes us stronger right????!

Gothknits said...

yippee skippee.