Monday, May 07, 2007

An Unwelcome Anniversary

Today marks three years at my "temporary" retail job. I've climbed (or rather was dragged kicking and screaming bloody oaths) from part time cashier to department manager (with pressure to go higher)...

and what have I learned from all this...I really hate the general population.

And how will I celebrate? driving 2 hours on my days off to go do something I love.

I'll be off painting the next few days. Behave while I'm gone. (and kill as many squirrels as you can!)

1 comment:

robyne said...

i feel for ya- it sucks and your talents are DEFINATELY not appreciated as they should be!!!! enjoy your days at your REAL JOB- but i feel that good times are ahead- you'll find your bliss....i am SURE of it!