Thursday, May 03, 2007


Its Thursday, one of my least favorite days. Its the night I close the store. But today I'm rather happy.

I'm sore as hell, a tad tired but happy. I just spent the last two days off in NY painting again. I had such a blast with Lisa. Unfortunately I don't have time to go on and on. Errands await.

I'm anxious to start some new projects. I need to pull out the yarn...i just realized I never did the flash your stash photos this year. Hrm...maybe a belated one will appear.

I must be's a random pic just for fun.
(I must admit, I'm tempted to dye my hair that color.)


Jenny said...

Good color! I likey! ;)

roxtarchic said...

NY? you were in NY? glad ya enjoyed! and yeah that tappanZEE i HATE that bridge for some reason it totally freaks me out....

and sheep & wool in ct? yeah.. i gotta get more informed about stuff like this huh? i woulda enjoyed that!

ok.... wishing ya well & have a great wk/end! ;)