Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

I'm actually working tomorrow. Good work though. I'll be touching up Eurydice at Second Stage in NYC. The boy is coming down with me and we're getting a hotel for the night. We're hoping to pop into our favorite restaurant for dinner.
Bodies is also exhibiting at South Street Seaport. I have been dying to see this. I first encountered it on an episode of The Regency House Party. (I never did see the last episode so don't spoil it for me) I've always wanted to dissect a human. I know it sounds grotesque, but its more of a curiosity thing. I find the human body a fascinating machine and I'd love to investigate hands on.
This trip is in lieu of our anniversary trip. Friday is our 5 year wedding anniversary. The original plans had us in Europe this week. But between emergency trips for family members in hospital and work denying love's vacation, this will be it. We're both working on Friday now, too. Yeah it sucks. First my birthday party was canceled and now this. I guess I don't get to celebrate the milestones this year. I hope to get some knitting done on the train in though. I really wish the train ran all the way up here. Instead we have to drive to New Haven first.


. . . geeky painter . . . said...

Denied his vacation ?! ?! ?!

Dell that house, and come to work with us in California. vacation is SACROSANCT at Berkeley Rep.

Gothknits said...

Yep...denied. And there was no reason that was necessary. Frankly if he's that damn important to him they should pay him what he's worth. Somehow last year's 30 cent raise doesn't really convey that level of dire importance. At least to me it doesn't.