Thursday, May 24, 2007

I need a day

If I weren't going to be the only manager in the store after 3:30 I would take a sick day today. And that's really odd for me because I tend to be morally opposed to calling out because of ones period. But then again I'm having a killer period. I'm a ball of pain and non-stop nausea. I only eat when I get woozy or the hunger overrides the sickness. I pity the minions today for I am not in the mood for 10,000 stupid questions.

My car is currently in the shop getting its muffler strapped back on. Which means I cannot go out and get my comic books before work as I had hoped. Crappy yucky day. Even though it is beautiful out and suppose to be in the 80's.

I finished the right front of Otis and ripped out the left. I think I have a handle on the gauge. It took a ball for one front. It should be the same for the other side and I figure a ball and half to two for the back. That will leave only one to one and a half for the sleeves. That's when things will get creative.

Well I better eat and go get my car.

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