Saturday, May 19, 2007


of sorts.

Overnights are over. I spent most of yesterday sleeping. I didn't fall into bed until just before noon. Love woke me around 5 ish. I had dinner and then passed out on the couch for a while. Then in bed by midnight and not up again until 10am. I should be able to make it through today. It seems I wasn't needed for touch-ups in NYC, so I can take it easy today.

I got a touch of knitting done. I'm working on the second front for Otis. I think I have to reknit the other side. I'm finding my tension a little wonky with this yarn. I really need to pay attention and pull each stitch to get it even.

I'm currently torturing my love with the ABBA CD that his sister got him for his birthday (a gag gift of sorts). I figure it was good motivation to get him showered and on our way to the comic book store.

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