Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Actual Knitting!

I'm currently in what I like to refer to as "zombie mode". I made it through the first overnight of work. I feel as though a Mack truck hit me,*backed up, drove forward*, and left me for dead. (Repeat between the * umpteen times) It's kinda like being hung over with out the joy of being drunk.

I did do some knitting on my preparation nights. I'm working on Otis in Rowan Summer Tweed's Brilliant. (My photos are more accurate color than the link.) I have several skeins that I picked up in Karen's stash sale. I attempted to take some pictures for you...Isis decided to help.

Notice the different pose in this one. That's because I picked her up and situated her on the cat bed. Yet she returned, determined to deposit cat hair on what until now had been cat hair free.
Not to totally curse myself but this seems to be going well. I did fudge a bit of math at one point but so far it seems to be working at gauge and measurements are accurate. Yeah, I know...I just cursed myself. I don't have as much yarn as it calls for though. I'll just do shorter sleeves or totally different sleeves all together.

With all these pictures of Isis, one might be wondering where Loki is. This is where she usually can be found.

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KnitKat said...

Tag, you're IT!

The details are on my blog.