Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

Its Black Friday and I got to sleep in. Did a little shopping...and now I'll spend the rest of the day watching movies, knitting, decorating, making holiday cards and wrapping presents. To think this time last year I was in a stupid red apron at 5am sucking down coffee, red bull and chocolate covered espresso beans attempting to be perky and helpful to idiots who didn't deserve it. *sigh*

One thing I'm completely thankful for this year is my new job.

Now to liberate a few loved ones from their occupational hell and all will be well.

1 comment:

roxtarchic said...

glad you had such a great thanksgiving and black friday... i wish i had the energy to get some shopping done but i couldnt even find the energy to shop ONLINE.. hahah

sounds like alls well... very glad i gotta catch up on ya blog.. ;)