Sunday, November 11, 2007


I should be used to the cold by now but I am freezing. I can't seem to warm up at all. It makes it al the harder to get out of bed when I am this cold. But onto the knitting pictures

These are the Flame Foliage boot socks. I finished them ages ago but never got a picture of them. With the chill in the air these will be on my feet often.Flame Foliage Socks Actually I have been wearing two pairs of sock everyday; knee highs and then another pair. I think I will move onto tights this week.

This is the Teva Durham Turtleneck Shrug that I've dubbed Wicked shrug. The colors remind me of the Wicked Witch of the West. I'm now in the decreasing for the top of the shoulder. I had to put it down last night. It was difficult to pay attention to the pattern and watch Donnie Darko at the same time.
Wicked Shrug WIPI'm still debating on the turtleneck aspect of this project. I might make it a cowl neck; I might do a mock turtleneck. I'll see when I get that far. I did shorten the sleeves from the pattern, though I did keep the cuff. I didn't like the look without it. Plus I can pull it down if my hands are too cold and roll them up when mixing paint.

Other than that I'm still clearing out the house. I've got quite the pile of things to get rid of. Wait until I hit the studio. I told love I'm not touching that until the damn cats are gone. Yes, we still have the foster cats. They need to go soon.

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Mouse said...

I started that shrug and got so horribly bored after about 4 inches that I quit it. Its thrown in the corner of my studio somewhere.. lol. Its chilly here too lately and I love knee & thigh high socks to keep warm!