Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday news

Not really what one hopes to hear when one gets up on Monday...

for one talks fell through on the Local 1 Stagehands strike.

and then this: Student dies at Yale Rep.
Update article.

Theatrical accidents are never good, but do bring to light many sketchy things that we do. How many of us have done something risky and nowhere near OSHA approved thinking "oh I'll be fine." I have a friend who broke his back falling from a ladder while hanging lights. Too many times a cavalier attitude is taken towards safety. We've all done it, some sporatically, some with frightening consistency. I use to get mocked for wearing my respirator, and scoffed at when I told others (mainly carpenters) to put on theirs. I'm forever yelling at love to put his on. I don't know where this attitude comes from....well I know where mine comes from. I'm ashamed to say much of mine comes from the fact that I'm a 5'2" petite female in a male dominated business. For some reason toughness and lack of safety sense have been linked and I was sucked into that mindset while fighting to prove myself. Thankfully I've learned (for the most part) since then. Robb's accident really shook me up, as did meeting and learning from Monona Rossol (who totally rocks by the way). Pregnancy is a huge wake up call. I can tell you that I don't plan on losing another baby by doing something irresponsible and stupid to prove how tough I am; or how hard core old school I am either. It's not worth it.

Ok enough of my early morning soap box rant. Happy Monday.


Rach said...

After a decade long bout of chemical induced asthma I have little sympathy for a cavalier attitude when it comes to safety. This didn't sound cavalier to me but it did sound stupid. How many sheets were there? And why didn't someone have a hand on it at all time if there were that many? It makes me shudder.

Gothknits said...

From what I have heard, and I have a few inside contacts, this was indeed a freak accident. They were following all safety rules, he had on a hard hat. It was just a horrible, horrible accident. It makes me want to smack the boy every time he climbs the arbor wall.It is a scary reminder on just how fragile we all are and how everything we know can change in an instant.