Sunday, November 18, 2007

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flaming maple

Wow I've not written for a while. I've been doing a fair amount but I've not really been in the mood for the computer. Speaking of computers, Love has agreed that with the next system we can do something like this. I'm so excited. This sort of stuff makes me want to learn how to solder. They usually keep me away from toys like that since I electrocuted myself with the electro-pounce.

We're currently in load in at work so knitting at lunch is not happening right now. I was making progress before the hiatus. I did hit a pattern snag though. Since I reduced the number of stitches in the shrug sleeve the decreases ended up like this ugly mess. Yucky ribI know it's not that bad but I didn't like it. So I ripped back and spread out the decreases in the purl sections to keep the same look in the ribbing. I don't have a picture of that yet. I've only been working on this during SnB.

I've been sewing during my lonely nights at home instead. The sewing bug has really gotten me lately. I'm working on some period costumes as to not be caught unawares next Renn Faire season. Plus I'm toying with getting involved with some reenacting groups. Besides I love the clothes. I'd dress in costume everyday if I could. I am starting with a basic chemise pattern (McCalls M4091) to wear under the other pieces. This pattern isn't exactly period but it's a good place to start. I'm doing a modified version of A/B; adjusting the length to fall mid-calf which is more accurate and eliminated the lace . The fabric is just an unbleached muslin, again not period but something I had on hand. I'm actually taking my time (for most of it) and trying to do it right. I'm hand finishing the seams so it takes far longer. I hand gathered the sleeves as well. I could have banged this project out on the first night but I'm attempting to elevate my sewing skills. Sewing, like knitting, is an addiction; I collect sewing patterns much the way I do knitting books.

Otherwise I've been busy with the house and foodstuffs. Much of yesterday was spent running around. Today I baked a cheesecake, a loaf of whole wheat bread and dehydrated a batch of apples. Laundry is also been a monumental task this weekend. I don't know how we go through so much laundry during load-ins but we do.
The other night Love got home fairly early (7:30ish) and we had dinner and then just sat on the couch, leaning on each other whimpering with pain. I've not done a 'real' load in for years. However I've been impressing the pants off of everyone lifting and carrying and working hard and being just as foul mouthed and dirty minded as them. Love is in Christmas Carol hell. He was put in charge of it a few years ago so that it ruins his holiday and not other people's. Normally it's not an issue since I was either involved in it as well, or having to work Black Friday. But now I've got time off and he's trapped at the theatre. Oh yeah...I don't have to work Black Friday anymore. hehe. I might stop by the store at 10 or 11 and tell them how I just woke up. Yeah, I'm evil.

I've caught the girls together like this the last few days. Yesterday bathing of one by the other was involved.
Morning Nap

I know I've not been responding to comments...for some reason I can't seem to get to you people's email addresses easily to do so. If I'm doing this the idiot way, please tell me the easy way. Or suffer my late replies.

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