Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First snow

This is what I woke up to

And I'm not pleased. Its too early for snow...(at least it gets me out of raking today)

Slow start today, I awoke with a headache. Oh yeah....I'm off all the rest of this week. The boss dangled a huge carrot in front of us yesterday. Long story short it was do this, this and this and we get the rest of the week off. Have I mentioned that I love my new job? Not quite sure what to do with myself. I do have some holiday knitting to tackle. We're not having anyone over for Thanksgiving so I don't need to worry about that; though there is some cleaning that didn't get done this weekend. I need to make our holiday cards as well. I think I'll be busy enough. Maybe I'll hit the library for some old movies too. BB can't seem to keep up with me these days. I've got two DVDs sitting there waiting for Love to watch them as well. Speaking of watching...Heroes last night...Holy crap! and the best part was no goo twins the whole episode.

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