Sunday, November 04, 2007

Duck feet, cleaning and cats

I've not been idle while not blogging. These little beauties were knit during my lunches and a few stolen moments at home during the last month.

Duck feet in a row

They are from Zoe Mellor's 50 Baby Bootees to Knit. I actually bought the book for this pattern. I knit mine from Patons Grace and alter the pattern some. I bind off the back seam together, sew up the foot, and knit the cuff in the round. Why seam if you don't have to. This was a stash busting project. I knit as many as the yarn I had would make. I believe it works out to one set per skein of Grace. It was something I could do at work as well.

I've started on the Teva Durham shrug thing from Scarf Style. I'm making it out of crap yarn from my stash to wear while painting at work. I think the yarn is Lionbrand's Jiffy. I had two balls of it in the stash in an olive green shade. I need one more ball and I'll probably get black. Even if they still make the green I don't think I can get a good match, I'd rather go for contrast. Plus I could use any leftover black more readily than the green. Again I am altering the pattern some. The 66 stitches was just too big a sleeve so I dropped it down to 60 to keep in the K3, P3 pattern. I've done as far as I can on one sleeve in the green and are about 5 inches in on the second. I got a ton done the other day since I am so far ahead (read bored out of my ever lovin' mind) at work. I'll pick up some black later this week to continue. I don't think I'll go full turtle neck on the neck. I don't know yet. I have a great turtle neck sweater that I love but the neck kinda chokes me. (I'll probably rip that out and reknit it. Its a goodwill sweater). Once I finish tweaking the pattern I'll make a better one for regular wear. My paint clothes are becoming a sort of test kitchen for my work (or so I plan) especially with some of my sewing.

The weekend has been lovely. My first real free weekend since sometime in September. I've posted Macbeth pictures over on Footprints. Yesterday was spent cleaning the house (we finally got bags for the vacuum cleaner) and putting away the Halloween decorations after a lovely breakfast out. I also picked up a digital food scale for my spinning. The big project of the day was sorting stuff in the house. We're doing a big clean out of stuff. After love went and helped pack up his grandmother's house he vowed to come home and throw out half his stuff. We had already gotten into this mindset with the pregnancy, and now we have more time. Bit by bit we are going through everything and tossing what we don't want/need into boxes. Then we will sort the boxes into things to sell on ebay, things to tag sale, and things to donate. I'm taking a new policy on my stuff, just as I am blogging without obligation, I am cleaning out without guilt. No more keeping stuff because it was a gift. If I don't use it or don't like it, out it goes. I can't keep holding on to all this crap.

As for today, that project will continue. We raked our yard this morning as this is the week they come and vacuum them up. The town comes by twice in the fall, sucks them up, and mulches them.

And for fun here's a picture of Loki defending our home from a 'vicious' young squirrel. The rodent was desperately trying to get in through the window and my girl smacked the crap out of him. Granted the glass was there the whole time keeping either party safe, but she was valiant and fought like a demon. I gave her a treat and tons of praise after the squirrel took off in fear. Mind you, this is my pretty one, not the evil genius. She was off sleeping somewhere. I think she's training the younger one to do her work for her.

Squirrel Attack

Speaking of training, I think Loki is training Isis to cuddle up with her. It isn't totally there yet but she's making great progress. One night in bed Isis settled in her spot next to me, and then Loki came and settled in next to her. Disgruntled by this shameless attempt to curl up with her, Isis got up and moved. And Loki did too. About 5 times this happened (can't say I slept very well that night) until Isis left the bed completely. Hopeless it would seem. But they have been found on the cat bed together. And now every morning they are together nested on the down blanket on the couch. You can tell Isis isn't totally into it or quite comfortable. I think she's just tolerating it for now, but I also think she starting to notice the warm and toasty benefits of such and arrangement. She stays there for a while and then will move on. It is as if she's letting Loki have her way for a little bit each day just to get her to leave her alone later. Can't say it always works. My little Loki can be a persistent one, bless her little addled brain. It will be interesting to see how far this goes once the snow flies. But it has answered one of the kitty mysteries...Loki's inability to lay in the middle of the cat bed. She's leaving room for Isis.


Jenny said...

Get em, Loki! There will be no critters in her house!

Cute booties, too!

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

I need someone to help me muck out all the odd things that have accumulated in our house. Doing it single-handedly is a drag, and Robb isn't able to help.

Those duck feet are hilarious.

Are you knitting that turtleneck scarf-a-ma-jig? Let me know how you like it, okay?