Sunday, December 02, 2007

Not myself

I've been feeling 'off' lately. Can't really describe it. Just not myself. Not really sick, but maybe. I don't know. I've been quite tired though.

I did a lot of driving this week as I was touching up a production of Nutcracker many miles away. All that driving kinda pushes me over the edge. Too much traffic and stupid people and construction, and poorly laid out intersections. Welcome to New England.

The weekend has been quasi-productive. I ended up not going out to opening night parties with my husband on Friday. I crashed on the couch and then went to bed. Yesterday I made chex-mix (or our family version of it), dehydrated the rest of the apples and made a big pot of pasta sauce.

This morning we raked the leaves...hoping they do another pickup. With the turning of the foliage so far behind, everything fell past the collection dates. We have more out there now than both previous pickups combined.

I'm plugging away at the knitting. The mittens are taking what seems forever. Color work slows me down and the person getting them has freakishly huge hands. The shrug as hit a little pattern adjustment snag, but I think I've solved that. I'd have pictures if I knew where love left the camera.

Oh well. Stay warm...we're suppose to get our first storm of the season tonight which ought to make the morning commute just lovely.

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