Saturday, December 29, 2007

And for something differnet...


Here are the mittens I made my Dad for Christmas:
Dads Manly Mittens
Pattern:Manly Mitts
Yarn: Ultra Alpaca
Size: Large

Not a bad pattern. Easy to understand. Next time I wouldn't pick two colors so similar to save my eyesight and sanity. I did knit the cuff twice as long, fold it under and sew it in place. I felt that gave it more security keeping it on and keeping snow out. By the way...these are HUGE. My Dad has freakishly large hands...just like I have freakishly small feet. (No large hand jokes...this is my Dad we're talking about, ya pervs.)The gods help me when I ever make him a sweater...

This scarf was made for the wife of my FIL. (No not my MIL, she's someone else. His second wife).
Feather Fan Scarf
Pattern: Fan and Feather
Yarn: Imagine

This is the same yarn I used on the shawl for my love's Grandmother. My FIL's wife admired the color so much I made her a scarf out of the extra.

I nearly finished the Teva Durham shrug but frogged the whole thing last night. I think I may need to put back in the stitches I had taken out. I still haven't figured out the whole neckline thing. Not sure what to do with it, but now I have some time since I have to knit the sleeves over again. I'm actually thinking the yarn may be a little too thick for that project...maybe I'll do a vest out of it and hunt for something else for the shrug.

I made a single blue boot sock over Christmas. I only had the one ball of Foliage. I'll have to pick up more. They may be basic and boring but damn they keep my feet warm at work. I'll probably make enough to get me through a whole week.

I've also frogged and restarted the alien shadow knitting scarf (from the Stitch n Bitch book) I did for my husband several years ago. I stretched a ton, so I've switched to smaller needles.


Rach said...

I like the mittens. It's good to see some knitting. Jack got me the I taught myslef to knit kit. I've only looked at the book. I looked at the pictures. I may have to figure out the continental. I don't know if I can learn with the yarn in my right hand. I've been crocheting so much lately. It'll be an adventure.

Gothknits said...

YouTube has great continental knitting videos.

Rach said...

I didn't think of that