Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Memos from the Universe

Every now and then something happens and you just know the Universe is telling you something. I got one of those memos this afternoon. Doing laundry I discovered a new and disconcerting sound coming from my washing machine. Mind you the fridge and the washer are in a neck and neck race to the finish. Anywho...I stop the spin cycle and restart and the noise stops...until the next load. Then I grab the bras I pulled out to hang them to dry. One is missing its underwire. Now I know what the sound is. I find the wire just barely poking through one of the holes in the basin. Neither pleading, swearing or needle nose pliers could extract it. But they were able to push it in further. At least its not making the horrible noise anymore. I'm going to go make some cookies to soften the blow of this event to my love, which I will disclose right before I run out the door to Stitch n Bitch.

Oh yeah...Memo from the Universe: BUY NEW BRAS!


Mouse said...

dude.. you killed your washing machine with your bra! That's pretty impressive..

Gothknits said...

I didn't kill it!...yet.

roxtarchic said...

so these are the things i've got to look forward to now.. huh? the neck n neck races of the appliances?! hahah

tooo funny... (and now i'm even more scared) hah