Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Flirty Ruffles Unblocked

Well I have slept and woke to find that it wasn't a dream. The shawl is done. All that remains is the blocking. Speaking of remains here is what remains of the original version. Enough for a small shoulder shawl. I toyed with the idea of adding a border and keeping it for myself. Then I thought better of that so I frogged it and ended up with this ball. I have plan for this, but that will wait for a while. I'm not exactly keen on knitting with this any time soon. Not that I didn't like the yarn. Its quite lovely and I can't wait to try dying some...just not right now.

Here it is in its unblocked glory. Current measurements are as such. Width along top 63" with ruffles, 57"without. Height is 30" without ruffles and 32.5" with. Now I have to procure some blocking wires. Last time I borrowed Karen's . Now that I know what they look like I'm going to purchase some of my own design. Really all they are is stiff, small diameter rod. I just need to make sure they are something that won't tarnish or rust. I need to take over the bed as well. Hopefully that can all be done this weekend.

Its a relief to be done. I've learned a lot from this project. I actually feel strange today...almost hung over. But knitting from 6pm till 1am will do that to a person.The big question is ...what do I knit at stitch and bitch tonight???


pins&needles said...

Dear Lord, that thing is beautiful!

sunneshine said...

Oh, look how amazing it turned out!! Is this they shawl that grew so large? Its so wonderful!! you did a beautiful job!!

ImpulsiveKnitter said...

OMG WOW imagine the sense of achivement that you must of had.
Did you have any smaller projects to break it up inbetween. I am not sure if i could of stuck at it. Well done it is stunning :)

roxtarchic said...

i think you need to knit something mindless... like a washcloth! haha

and i love that you suggested a song so embarrassed.. meanwhile its one i already sing.. embarrassed AND it's one that EVERYONE sings along and totally gets into (so good call) i also have fun w/it.. instead of singing i hate myself for LOVING you.. i kind sing effing you! heheh (i love singing cuss words)!

and how COOL is that winehouse chick? (thats actually my own suggestion i'm just telling the guys someone emailed me that suggestion otherwise they'll veto it) haha ;0

Karen said...

Yay! You are done with it! It looks beautiful...I can't wait to see it blocked. I hope we get to see it in person before you ship it off. Beautiful knitting!

Gothknits said...

I'm going to photograph the hell out of it once it is blocked. Love is going to order my wires today.

I did several projects in between. It was fits of monogamy with the shawl.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Beautiful!!!! Just heart-stoppingly stunning!

Rach said...


I know it was a bit of a monkey on your back. The perseverence is worth it. Rock on Sista!!!!!!!