Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A little bit of everything...

I've been trying to blog since I've gotten back but love has been hogging the computer...he's now level 20 and trying to earn his cape. *sigh* I love my geek-boy. So here's the ultimate update post...

  • Florida was lovely excluding the getting there and getting back (see below). Grandpa is doing much better and it was so nice to spend time with them. They really made me feel part of the family, which is a feeling I rarely have with his family. Not that they intend to make me feel that way (or most of them don't) but it's a very different dynamic than my family and I feel very foreign in it. But the weather was horribly beautiful, horrible in that it gave me an intense desire to dig in the dirt and I came home to more snow and slush. Not quite gardening weather here.
  • I have a new airline to add to the list of ones to avoid. US Airways. Leaving here it started to snow once we got to the airport, where we promptly headed to the bar. Boarded our plane on time...and then sat. and sat and sat. Apparently it took them so long to load our luggage that it became necessary for us to deice. For which there was a line, of course. We sat in that tin can for an hour or so before we took off. This cut into our hour layover in Charlotte. Our second flight was to leave at 9:40pm...we landed at 9:55...in a completely different concourse. So the two of us, and another poor soul from our flight, had to full out sprint from one concourse to another, me in clogs. About halfway there I started having an asthma attack. (not officially diagnosed with because my doctor is a putz) Normally I stop running when this starts...couldn't here. By the time we got to our plane I was on the verge of collapse while breathing hot coals. As soon as we got on they shut the door and off we went. On the return we flew to Philly no problem. As it was getting closer to boarding time for our connecting flight we noticed that there still was no plane...at any of the gates. It seems they were having a difficult time getting anywhere that day. The flight before ours (going the same way) had been canceled, which made ours overbooked. Our plane apparently was having issues so they had to go get another one out of the hanger for our flight. Upon return I had enough time to shower, change, eat and head off to close the store in what was my third week of the night shift from hell. *sigh* People wonder why I hate flying.
  • While in Florida we did finally have our audit. We passed...barely...and we lost some points that we shouldn't have. Work still sucks and I'm losing my patience with it. I have a much shorter fuse while I am there, but then I shouldn't have to be telling them the same things for the last 5 months.
  • Mr. Gothknits' birthday was quite nice. I took him out for a lovely dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and then to a movie. I am so glad we saw this in the theatre. It was stunning and beautiful and visually lyrical. I love to analyze comic book to movie transitions and I thoroughly enjoy the ones that really play with the comic book style. I won't ramble any further about this but...go see it.
  • The shawl is done and photographed and wrapped...all I need to do is mail it .
  • The rest of my "finish it" list goes like this...
    • joining blanket squares- on the last one!
    • mending pile-haven't touched it.
    • sanding, staining, and sealing a dresser - waiting on love to finish repairs
    • repairing my WonderWoman purse- might tackle tonight...not sure how to do it though.
    • repairing my Mum's big black tote bag- once I'm done here.
It's spring and that always give me the urge to pull out the sewing machine (don't know why). I'm going to fix the tote and sew the Princess Leia pads. I might dig through the mending as well to see what there is. I know I need help with some of it. I might toss together a few more nine patch squares for the quilt that is destine for the Apple Room. I guess that's all for now. Pics of the shawl on another post. I want to get some sewing in before I make dinner...Feta and spinach stuffed Tilapia with sweet potatoes.

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Obsidian Kitten said...

omg, flying from hell!

personally, i love to fly...i've a had maybe two of those experiences too and they SO SUCK. (lost luggage for a week after arriving in Italy...the suck, for example...and on the return trip Eastern Airlines had gone out of bankrupt and i had no way back to Georgia from NYC...more suck!)

but mostly i'm okay with the flying. i love planes, i love being up in the air looking down on everything, and i'm not in the least a nervous passenger--though i totally understand why people are. (for example, i wouldn't want to be on a cruise ship over fathoms and fathoms of icy water full of swimmy sea creatures...why i feel safe in mid-air but not over the water is completely illogical, i know...but that's just me)

glad you made it there and back in one piece!