Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daylight savings...

Can I just state for the record that I HATE daylight savings. I feel like the only one, too. I have a rather rigid body clock that has certain demands. Switching back and forth from day to night shifts messes me up. So do overnights (more on that later) unless they are consistent. Just one here or there really screws me up. And the daylight savings wreaks its own havoc. Especially since we can't get the cats to understand the whole concept. Maybe if they would just learn American (that's right I speak American, not English. The British speak English. We used to but then massacred it into our own language) then we could clear up a lot of issues. Things like not eating stuff off the floor, and why sitting on my bladder at 4am isn't ideal.

I'm rambling on about this because I woke up at 10am today. That was about the time I wanted to be getting home from my errand. Apparently my body hasn't adjusted yet and I really needed some down time. My body and I are having some issues at the moment. I am so stressed from work that I am clenching my jaw all the time. Not good for the TmJ. Yes, I have a night guard and yes, i use it every night. I am clenching all. day. long. Even on my days off. Last time it was this bad I was getting married and dealing with all of our families. My shoulders are in a perpetual state of hunched tension. As I drove to work yesterday they kept getting tighter and tighter and all I wanted was a clove cigarette. I've also started skipping meals again. Thanks to the food poisoning and the all nighter, I was in prime form for this to start again. And so it has.

Enough whining. I'm off to finish the theatre mess and then home for something I want to do.


... lisa ... said...

Whoo Boy! You've got to find some way to unwind this seething ball of tension!

Carve out some time, even if it is only half an hour to do something healthy and delicious. Hot bath. Yummy cup of tea, and a lap-full of kitty.

Closing your eyes and visualizing something calming. Clearing your head of all the chatter.

Smoking and skipping meals is, as you well know, not the road to health and happiness!


Jenny said...

Yoga, honey, yoga. And a sandwich. No skipping meals!

roxtarchic said...

yeah... i'm gonna say it too YOGA!!! and if you can find a HOT YOGA class... suffer thru it once & you'll be AMAZED how good you feel afterwards.... CLEANSED... oh and a lil cammomile tea (some roxtar i am huh? haha)...

and an icepick would be FAR TOO NICE i'm thinkin some dull knitting needles and some vicious verbal abuse... but i dont know if that goes w/my new "homeowner responsible grown up now" image! haha

& thanks for the good wishes! ;)

Rach said...

I have found that listening to angry music on the way to retail hell helps me relax a bit. With me it's the shoulders. Korn full blast on the way to work has given me a new attitude.