Thursday, March 01, 2007


Got another row done this morning.

Love and I both have the morning off. He had to be in at 11. I'm due in at 2pm. We went out to breakfast and now Denny's is on the list. Our waitress was an idiot. We asked for juice and coffee. Juice came, no coffee. We wait...and wait. She takes our orders (didn't write them down) and repeat the request for coffee. He gets coffee, I get none. Fine I probably shouldn't have any anyway but half my breakfast didn't show either. I ordered (what I had been craving for days) French toast platter (which comes with bacon and sausage) and a side of hash browns. Got the French toast, got the hash browns, no meat. But charged for the breakfast meat. Again probably don't need it in my system, but I shouldn't have to pay for it either. And love didn't dispute the bill, he just paid it. Idiot waitress at Denny's, you are on the list. Just wait until I get out of assassin school.


Jenny said...

Man, that is a lot of stitches. But you can do it!

I would give IHOP a try. Joe & I have pretty good luck there if you get there before the crowd does.

Obsidian Kitten said...

personally, i love IHOP...but there are idiots everywhere.

i would've KILLED someone immediately upon not being served coffee. that would've constituted prompt homicidal behavior on my part.

they would've found a little note scrawled somewhere and left on the bloody corpse that simply said: "didn't serve me coffee"

and ok, your significant other sounds like mine. eats up my ice cream sandwiches and doesn't dispute the bill. mine just pays up, while my blood is boiling and i'm all annoyed and aggravated b/c I don't want to pay for stuff i didn't get. grrr! he'd rather just cut his losses and leave quietly.

what's with that? i don't get it.

roxtarchic said...

ctg would even leave her tip... (a waaaaay too generous tip)... and
just get her to take the E train... i'll take care of her penless order takin forgettin the COFFEE @ss....