Thursday, November 30, 2006

Kittens for Christmas

Damn, damn, damn! Another person backed out of taking some of these kittens off our hands. I really don't want six cats right now. This is what I get for being nice and saving them from the coyote. I may just wrap them up and start sending them to family and friends.

Here's some pics of them. They are warming up to us. I think after some time they will be fine as house cats. I don't recommend them for people with children, or people who insist on picking up and cuddling their cats. These are the kind of cats who must come to you. We are also insisting that they are adopted in take 2 or 4. I don't want to split them into singles.

This is Juno (or Junior since she looks just like Momma). She's the first one who would eat out of our hand. Unfortunately for our hands she would try to drag it off when she was done eating.

This darling is Phaedra. She's by far the bravest and the most comfortable with us. She's also the only long hair in the bunch. She's the first out to eat and the last to run away.

This is Sam. He's the lone boy and rather shy. He watches you constantly though. He likes to sit up high. Out in the garage he was the one who would climb the ladder or jump on the higher cabinets. He's also the only one to attempt to leave the studio...I do believe he's seen the rest of the basement a few times.

This is Spec. She's the 'fraidy cat and the hissy one. She's also the one famous for the paw in the face while they are eating. She's usually the first to run and cram herself back into a corner.


Sarah from Texas said...

I'm just a lurker, but I've had some experience with giving away strays, since I live at the end of a dead end road in the country and people think we're just so happy to take their unspayed puppies. Heh. Anyway, we take unwanted animals to Walmart to get rid of them. Sometimes Petsmart has "Pet Giveaway" days; just call them and they'll be happy to tell you when. Also, if you ever do have an animal that's good with kids, Home Depot has "Kid Craft" days, once a month, where kids are left with their dads to do crafts there. Let's just say dads are much worse at saying, "No." to begging children. Hope this helps!

Jenny R said...

Aw, that sucks! I would take a couple, but the shelter we got Rocco from said that he needs to be an only child. (And since he gets jealous when I feed the fish, I am starting to believe the shelter.) I'll ask around & see if anybody wants them, though.

Rach said...

Might cute ones. Good Luck with the adoptions.