Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thwarted yet again

So I'm downstairs felting some gifts and I thought that this would be the perfect time to get my new to me computer set with my stuff. Love got me my own jump drive and I'm all set to transfer all my bookmarks and documents and such...except for one hitch. I don't see the usb port. I'm use to those being in the front and there isn't one there. Now I may be completely dense on this, but i'm not about to start shoving my jump drive into anything that looks like it may fit.. Good for me that I married a computer genius. Too bad he's working like a bazillion hours the next few weeks.

Inspired by Lani, here's a my knitting wish list of future projects:

Gatsby Girl Pullover
Belle Epoque
Ballet Wrap Cardigan
Fur Trimmed Wrap
Union Square Market Sweater
Veste Everest

Ballet Wrap
Corset Tank Top
Icarus Shawl
I Do
Very Tall Socks
Marley's Ghost

So that's enough to keep me busy for a while. That's not counting all the gift knits that lay before me.

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Mouse said...

The USB port on the computer is indeed in the back of the tower.. and you're pretty safe with plugging it into anything that is the same shape. My front ports on my tower never worked so I had to pick up a 4 USB into 1 gizmo to run my camera, ipod, computer mouse..etc.
PS. I'm looking for the 3 column format that you wanted for your blog and I'll send you the links for the HTML soon.