Wednesday, November 15, 2006

*sigh* I have a crush...

Last night I realized that I have a crush on Cary Grant. Love is loading in A Christmas Carol and I really won't see him (except in small glimpses) for a few weeks. So last night I made myself some dinner and sat down with my needles, some wool and some movies. I watched Charade (I adore Audrey Hepburn as well...And I must have that wardrobe!)...once done I decided to make it a film fest and popped in An Affair to Remember. (again...i need that wardrobe...especially that first dress she is in).
And it dawned on me that I have a crush on Cary Grant. My love looked at me with his usual "ok, I married a freak" look that he as been perfecting lately. He already knows about my Johnny Depp crush. I guess its better than having a crush on someone I can actually interact with. And keeps me home on the couch and out of the yarn stores. Though I really need to invest in more old/classic movies. I absolutely adore them and not having cable they are rarely on my tv. These are my only two with Cary in them. My only Audrey as well. I know...shame on me.

The knitting went well...I can't say much or show anything yet as it is a surprise.

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