Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Black Friday and beyond

Ugh! Well its over but really it is just the end of the beginning. I survived Black Friday. I had to close on Wednesday night...we were there until about 11pm setting the two day ad. Then I was at work 5~friggin~30 in the morning on Friday. I should not be seeing stars in the sky when I go into work. The next day was a 7:30 and the last two were 8:30...but I pulled an open to close last night because my closer called out. I feel like I fought off a band of drunken bloodthirsty vikings. I didn't kill anyone for those of you who have wondered. I came very close with the jackass who was both lying to me and haggling for a better price. First rule, if you want me to cut you a deal...don't lie to me. Especially about my employees. Asshole!

But now I have two days off in a row. woo hoo! and I'm missing a big corporate visit in all of this. I'm planning on some shopping, some knitting, some painting and a bunch of furniture re-arranging and maybe a touch of Holiday Decorating.

I have a feeling we will be staying here for Christmas. That is both good (not having to drive 5 hours either direction) and bad (depressing with out all the family on a holiday). I've not had a Thanksgiving with my family since I moved out here in 1999. I've either been stuck with a retail schedule or in the middle of loading in a Christmas show.

But here's something that I knit in the last week. Its a scarf for a gift so I can't say too much. Its done out of the Patons SWS which is soy and wool. It is a single ply. I really like the feel and the sheen. Being a single ply it is a little splitty, but I would knit with it again. The stitch is just a double moss stitch, but it is one of my favorites. It's easy but it has a lovely texture.

Well I'm off to get things going...its a gloomy day and hard to get motivated.

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Your Long-Lost SP said...

Hi! I apologize for being absent for awhile...But I haven't forgotten you, oh no! A package has been assembling itself for your enjoyment, despite all appearances to the contrary.

Unfortunately, holiday hell precluded its more-timely arrival (Turkey day/Black Friday madness, for example)...but perhaps it will still contain an item or two that may come in handy before the rest of the holidays drive us all to full-blown homicidal behavior.

Hugs and Sanity,
Your SP