Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Oh Caesar!

I promised pictures of the show I just finished and here they are.
This is a production of Julius Caesar set in modern times...sort of a Vegas Caesar's palace/Sopranos mafia mix quasi stylized. Sort-of taking reality a step further.

Sorry this first pic is blurry. I have trouble with the full stage shots. And my camera is not the best. The columns and platforms are marble. I don't have shots of the side flipper open (the stone wall shown earlier) but I did take copious shots of the pink marble.
The purple columns are a bit more electric than I had planned. I had forgotten that the dye in the purple paint likes to react with clear sealer. It was a rude awakening late at night, but I didn't stress to much since the whole thing is suppose to be over the top.

The pink marble took up the bulk of my 86 hours of work. And this is where the bit of disaster struck. I paint the majority of the set on stage, having no shop available to me. The theatre is constantly in use for class. This usually isn't a problem since they don't mind working around my presence there. I was painting the final step of marbling on the platforms when the acting class came in. I made the platforms off limits but the purple forestage was all theirs. The assignment for the day was acting out/telling about a day in the life of a superhero created by each student. The first student gets up and starts his bit. I've sat through so many of these that it doesn't phase me much. Some of they are quite good and amusing. Many are not. So the student comes to the point in his story where he kicks at the villain....and off comes his moccasin flying across stage into my paint buckets! SPLASH. Paint everywhere! Long story short, it ended up fairly well. I managed to clean most of it without too much damage to my work. (there were a few drips that I didn't catch in time. I tried working that into the veining). As a gesture of apology the director moved rehearsal elsewhere and I had the stage to myself the rest of the day. So it all worked out. I felt bad for the kid. I'd be more upset with myself than I would anyone else (unless they did it intentionally). We've all done it. My personal favorite is when I was so tired that I hooked up the wrong hose to the paint pot first and sent black paint 8 feet in the air.
So there it is. And that is where I have been. Am I forgiven for being a bad little blogger?


Jenny R said...

Of course you are!

Hey, see you in 2 weeks! I'm off to Aruba!

Lisa and Robb said...

It looks utterly beautiful.

I also like "hearing" the relaxed tone in your writing when it comes to challenges that might have sent another painter over the edge.

I think the fact that you "rolled with" the would-be disasters speaks volumes about your maturity as a painter.

(Big Internet HUG!!!)

Obsidian Kitten said...

i voted too, woo-hoo!

it looks great!!! you did a fabulous

i like the sound of caesars-meets-sopranos...and it's gorgeous!