Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Calendar days

I just bought our 2007 calendar. We alternate who buys it every year to avoid any disputes. I always agonize over the buying of the calendar. It's going to be a fixture in our house for the whole year; I don't want something that sucks. The top runners this year were the Magnetic Poetry Calendar,Pin Up , Boris Vallejo, Klimt.
Instead I settled on this one. Its pretty, informative and has the moon phases on it. I hate it when I get one with out the moon phases on it. Especially when my cycle is in sync with the moon. Like it is now...It was a full moon last night and I'm fertile. That's pretty close to lock-her-up crazy. All I need is a cupcake, a fit of giggles and a slurpee and/or a margarita to push me over the edge. Watch out!

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