Thursday, December 07, 2006

Deck the Halls

Last week was spent moving furniture and this week is decorating. Christmas is both a good and bad holiday for me. It is second to Halloween in my favorite. The good parts of Christmas are romantic and fun. Being a divorced kid, it had its really bad parts...fighting over who got me when. That and lots of people in my life die at Christmas.

Here's our tree. Yes its a fake one. I do fake for several reasons. One, I don't like killing trees for my own entertainment. There are enough stupid people in the world who deserve that honor. Two, they are messy and Isis won't stop drinking the water. Three , we have an active fireplace and its not worth the fire hazard. (can you tell i'm a firefighter's daughter)

One of my favorite parts of our tree is the topper. It is pure retro. That is the tree topper my Mom had as a kid. Inside the globe is a cylinder of lighting gel that is blacked out with a pattern of different colored translucent stars. That sits over a light bulb and the heat of the bulb makes it spin. All those lights that you see on the wall shift in and out of colors. It drives the cats nuts but its absolutely beautiful when the room is all dark. Mom and I use to just curl up on the couch together and watch the tree.

This is my new addition this year. I have a bunch of the vases left over from various centerpieces. I bought all the glass ornaments with my work discount, filled them and lined them up on the mantle. See the knitted Santa face stocking. One of my cousins (2nd cousin I think....who really cares...a cousin is a cousin) knit all the kids in the family a variation on that. His beard and the fur on his hat are angora. Wow...that stocking is almost 30 yrs old!

That's all for now...I have to go get ready for work. I hate being an adult sometimes.


NutmegOwl said...

Lovely tree, lovely room!
(I'm terriby jealous of you and everyone else who's decorate.)

Mouse said...

Great tree! I bet that tree topper really is mesmorizing in person.

Obsidian Kitten said...

oooh, looks great! like nutmeg, i'm envious you got yr decorating done already, lol--it looks beauteous!